With obesity, there comes several other physical and mental illnesses in a person’s life. Typical effects of obesity bring about the dangers of cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and depression. However, there can also be a marked impact on sexual drive and performance of those suffering from obesity. Both men and women can face sexual dysfunction originating from hormonal disturbance and emotional distress.


Obesity is when the body weight of a person exceeds 20 percent of the ideal weight. The University of Buffalo in New York conducted a study, which states that obesity in men leads to low testosterone levels. The condition of obesity is capable of killing one’ sex driver. Here is how.

Being overweight can reduce stamina to perform sexual activity. Besides, hormonal balances are also disturbed which leads to an impact on testosterone levels resulting in low sex drive or libido loss. Irregular blood flow to the genitals can cause erectile dysfunction in men due to lack of blood circulation.

Obesity in men

Obesity, in addition to disturbing testosterone levels in men, can also cause infertility. The extra fat present in the inner thighs and pubic area brings about high temperatures of over 35°C in testes. This might be adequate to impede sperm generation. Thus, obesity is unquestionably connected to low sperm check and decreased sperm motility, which can be a reason for infertility.

Obesity also affects one’s emotional health and can take an emotional drudge in one’s life. Some people may encounter sentiments of depression, anxiety, social disengagement, discrimination overweight, etc. interrupted sleep-wake cycles, binging on junk and packed food, unhealthy dietary patterns, and lack of physical activity can gravely influence the fertility.

While, we highly recommend that obese people must follow a proper diet to reduce weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, in the meantime, they can take generic erection pills or verdenafil to them counter their impotence and low potency issues.

Obesity in women

Even women have to face the wrath of obesity when it comes to their sex drive. Excessive weight increases cholesterol in the blood. This leads to resistance to insulin, resulting in diabetes. This unfortunate combination of high cholesterol and diabetes causes blockage and deterioration of blood vessels, particularly those of the clitoris (as well as penis). The result is, reduced sensitivity of the clitoris.

Contrary to popular belief, women also have a hormone called testosterone. This hormone is primarily functioned at stimulating sexual desire and performance. A protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is increased in obese people and truly wipes up testosterone, lessening its sex stimulating activity.

Thus, obese people have to face a continuous threat to blood vessels, particularly those of the genitals. The damage of blood vessels causes the nerves to die off because of lack of blood flow. Simultaneously, testosterone function is brought down in obesity as the SHBG cleans up the hormone. The outcome is the absence of sex drive, decreasing erections prompting lessened sexual performance, and inability to orgasm. Around 30 percent of men and women have sexual dysfunction due to obesity.