California’s residents can now obtain their COVID-19 vaccine records online. They all have the cards for their vaccination, but the online version will serve as digital backup. Vaccinated Californians must visit to obtain the digital version of their vaccination card.

Californians Can Now Obtain Their COVID-19 Vaccine Records Online; This Is How

According to state health officials, people can use the card and digital vaccination proofs to access business or events and to obtain employment for jobs that require vaccination. The California Department of Public Health said the online vaccine card is available in the state’s immunization registry systems and is a convenient tool for proof purposes.

“If one of the state’s nearly 20 million vaccinated Californians misplaces their paper card, the Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record provides a convenient backup,” California State Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan said.

The state government however urged Californians to not discard the paper cards issued to them by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To access the digital COVID-19 vaccine record online, vaccinated Californians must log in to the given web portal and enter their name, date of birth, and email or phone number provided when they registered initially for vaccination. The user must also create a 4-digit PIN and check a dialog box to confirm you have the authority to obtain the medical records.

Following submission, you will receive an SMS or email with a link to your vaccine records. Once you click on the link, you will get a prompt requesting that you input your newly-created PIN and this will take you to your vaccine medical record. The information you get will be the same as the one on your paper card, and it will also contain a QR code that you can scan to obtain the same records.

“Once the digital record is received, individuals are encouraged to screenshot the information and save it to their phone files or camera roll,” officials advised.

Gov. Gavin Newsom made it clear that the digital vaccine record is not a requirement and thereby not a passport. He said the online record is only an electronic version of the paper card. The first US state to issue digital vaccine passports to citizens in New York even though other states may soon follow suit.