Freddy Ford, a spokesman of George W. Bush, said on Wednesday that the former president is not going to comment about the presidential campaign. Ford claims that Bush will not get involved in any way with the run for the head of the White House.  That conclusion came out just after Trump became the virtual nominee of the Republican Party.

Bush does not seem very satisfied with the Republican Party dynamic nowadays. Thus, he is not planning to attend the Party’s convention in Cleveland that will be held in summer. Jeb Bush is not attending the event either, as he stated in declarations made to CNN. The Bush Family’s reaction to Trump has not been isolated.

George W. Bush has made clear he won't add any further comments on the 2016 presidential campaign. Credit: SBRE Summit
George W. Bush has made clear he won’t add any further comments on the 2016 presidential campaign. Credit: SBRE Summit

The Republican National Convention

Kelly Ayotte, Mick Mulvaney, Richard Burr and some other top members of the party won’t attend the Convention either. Or at least have said to the press that is most likely that they won’t be attending the event. The Convention will be where the entire Party discuss about their nominee. The deep fracture in the Party is more evident with this type of statements. The division arouses between those in favor of Donald Trump and those who are against him.

Bush-Trump relationship

Jeb Bush was one of the first candidates for the Republican Party to the 2016 presidential elections. And that made him one of Trump’s first rivals in the race for the White House. And, as every other rival to Trump, received several verbal attacks by the now presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. Bush also received some backslah in the electoral run. Yet mostly about was his responsibility (or fault, according to Mr. Trump) in September 11, 2001.

But the campaign was only the latest manifestation of years of tension between Trump and the entire Bush family. The first contact between George W. and Mr. Trump was around the 80s., Ever since then, the relationship has involved insults and public displays of rivalry. The entire way to manage business (and politics) have produce discomfort and tension in a relationship that has been called “ a melodrama” by The Washington Post.

Source: CNN