Israel, Jerusalem – Two Israeli buses burst into flames due a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, said security officials on the site. On Monday afternoon, an explosive device exploded during rush hour. In the accident, 21 people were injured and two seriously.

The fire was caused by a bomb, and it consumed one bus and damaged the second. Memories of the Palestinian uprising in the 2000s were brought to life with the explosion of public buses.

One of the two buses that exploded during rush hour in Jerusalem on Monday. Credit: Jewish News
One of the two buses that exploded during rush hour in Jerusalem on Monday. Credit: Jewish News

Daniel Katzenstein, a medic, saw the buses when they were still burning, and he said the victims were being rushed to hospitals suffering from burns, lacerations and shrapnel wounds.

Even when Hamas governs the Palestinian territory in the Gaza strip and applauded the blast, hi didn’t take the responsibility for it. According to a report of the Times of Israel, a terror group affirms that Hamas blesses the Jerusalem operation because he considers it a natural reaction to Israeli crimes.

An investigation it’s running to discover how the device got on the bus, who planted it and how it was detonated, said the Israeli officials. They added that, with the help of the police looking through surveillance tapes and other evidence, including the identities of injured passengers, the investigation would move rapidly.

 The threat of tunnels

A tunnel of thirty meters deep that leads from Gaza into the Jewish State was found by Israeli security services in an undisclosed fashion. The tunnel was most likely dug since the Israeli/Gaza conflict in 2014, said officials. It was similar to the tunnels that were destroyed by the IDF in 2014.

Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the State has accomplished a world breakthrough in its efforts to locate tunnels.

“That doesn’t exist anywhere else. We checked the entire world. The government is investing a fortune in thwarting the threat of tunnels. This is an ongoing effort; it does not end overnight; we are investing in it and will continue to invest steadily and firmly. Israel will respond forcefully to any attempt by Hamas to attack its soldiers and attack its citizens,” he continued. “I’m sure that Hamas understands this very well.”, he said.

From 200 to 2005, many people get used to the idea of avoiding public transportation because bus bombing were common. About 1,000 Israelis and 3,000 Palestinians were killed during the Palestinian intifada.

Source: Washington Post