Traveling is expensive, and when trying to eat healthy on the go, getting take-out from restaurants usually comes with a higher-priced ticket. In addition to the expense, the availability of healthy food access can be limited or nonexistent in some places.

Bryn Carden Explains How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Bryn Carden, former Miss Kemah Teen USA, enjoys spending her free time exercising, traveling, and modeling. When traveling, she understands how difficult it can be to maintain healthy eating while on the road. Most of the time, the only options seem to be fast food or expensive restaurants. Like all good things that come with thinking outside of the box, Carden gives insight into how to shop smart to find a nutritious meal, even while shopping on a budget at a convenience store.

Before a Road Trip or a Flight

If you are going on a road trip, the best way to both save money and eat healthily is to pack nutritional snacks before you go. Nutritionists recommend you pack plenty of snacks, more snacks than you plan to eat, to stay on the right eating track while traveling. You can pack a small ice cooler with ice packets to keep healthy options like yogurt, hummus, or cottage cheese cold. When you are traveling via plane, bring healthy snacks that travel well and are TSA approved such as whole fruits (not sliced!) like apples, bananas, oranges, or kiwis, vegetables like baby carrots or celery sticks, dried nuts, nut butter packets, or healthy bars such as RX Bars, Larabars, or KIND bars. Running out of healthy snacks means having to revert to higher-priced quick stop choices or unhealthy options. Over-packing snacks allow you to readily eat every three to four hours to avoid getting hungry, hangry, or succumbing to buying unhealthy food.

At the Convenience Store

When your only option along a long strip of road is fast-food restaurants and convenience stores, opt for the convenience store and keep an eye out for your healthiest options. Most road stops carry healthy protein or granola bars, fruit cups, whole fruits, cheese sticks, salads, or precut vegetables.

At Your Destination

An excellent way to keep on eating right and on a budget once you have reached your destination is to hit the local grocery store before going to your place of rest or after getting settled. If you are in an unfamiliar location, be sure to research what foods to stay away from to avoid getting sick. In some areas, eating raw vegetables is not safe due to being cleaned by unsanitary water.

When Fast Food is the Only Option

When you have no other option but to eat at a fast-food restaurant, try and order foods that are grilled, steamed, broiled, or baked, and choose those over sautéed or fried. Suppose a soup or salad is available; select choices with vinaigrette-based salad dressing, lean protein ingredients, and broth-based soups. Ordering burgers, chicken sandwiches, or chicken nuggets from the kid’s menu help with portion size, too. Hold on adding mayonnaise to food to cut down on high-fat condiments.

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About Bryn Carden

Bryn Carden is a young entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for real estate and design. She is currently studying at Neeley School of Business, pursuing a major in Finance with a Real Estate Concentration. Besides working towards her degree, she has already begun her entrepreneurial journey as a co-founder of BF Hats and a creator of Styles for Smiles – a company selling bracelets to help fund cleft palate operations for children in developing countries.