Patriot Cares Corporation (PCC) is opening Boston’s first medical marijuana dispensary on Wednesday, August 3, at 21 Milk Street. Around 200 patients are already registered to acquire their medical cannabis. The Cradle of Liberty, politicians, and the marijuana company have come to an agreement. The latter would have to donate to charity and pay taxes.

According to company officials, the shop is prepared to receive 150 patients per day. Over 200 patients have already registered to have access to the 21 Milk Street products. To buy medical marijuana in the first Boston medical dispensary, patients need to obtain a certificate at the Department of Public Health. Only select patients certified by a doctor can acquire medical cannabis.
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Patriot Cares is Columbia Care LLC’ subsidiary in Massachusetts. The latter is present in states where marijuana is strictly regulated for medical purposes. Image credit: Wikipedia.

Registered patients will have access to delivery service after completing an online registration in the store’s database. Patriot Care’s shop will count with professionals that were previously involved with law enforcement, to guarantee safety. Industry-leading security measures will also be used to assure the patient’s well-being and the quality of products.

Columbia Care LLC said in a press release that the store is designed for patient’s comfort and safety. Its staff is trained to provide “the highest level of professionalism, compassion, confidentiality, and respect” to those seeking for medical cannabis.

The dispensary, as in every Columbia Care facility, will provide a variety of products formats and formulations. It will offer leaves from numerous strains, concentrates, and infused edible products. Columbia Care also expects to expand its offer, by including its pharmaceutical line of dosable sublingual tinctures, concentrates for vaporization, and oral capsules, by the end of 2016.

There are no signs outside the store that announce its presence. It is located in a gray building around the corner on Washington Street, near the Downtown Crossing subway. The dispensary interior has cream-colored walls, plants, bright lighting, and sales counters. It also has a chairlift at the street entrance to help physically challenged customers to access the store.

Nichole Snow, the executive director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, visited the medical marijuana dispensary last Friday. She said that Patriot Care had a professional approach when they designed and planned the Boston’s  dispensary atmosphere. She added that it is an exciting time for patients who have waited for a long time for the city’s first medical cannabis dispensary, The Boston Globe reports.

Voters approved the selling and use of medical marijuana in 2012. 35 marijuana shops for medical purposes were expected to open in the first year after the consensus. By 2016, there are only seven marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts, including the newest one in Boston.

Columbia Care domain in the United States and Patriot Care’s presence in Massachusetts

Patriot Care’s first shop in the State opened in February at Lowell, where discount coupons were distributed to promote the opening of its store in Boston. Patriot Cares plans to open a new shop in Greenfield to expand its access to a bigger number of qualifying patients.

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The Boston police also supported concerned parties, which are worried about drug dealing, The Boston Globe said. Image credit: Wikipedia.

Columbia Care CEO Nicholas Vita said in the company’s press release that being the first dispensary of marijuana for medical use in Boston is a privilege for the organization. Vita said that Columbia Care’s mission is to improve lives and to expand their products to help thousands of patients and their families around the U.S.

Vita thanked the support of patients and neighbors in the city of Boston and Massachusetts. Columbia CEO ended his statement saying that the company is proud to be part of Boston, which is also called the Athens of America.

Boston is not the only victory for Columbia Care regarding the domain of major cities in the country. Assuring Boston, the marijuana company solidifies its position in popular and economically important cities including Washington D.C., Phoenix, Chicago, and New York.

Politicians made it clear: medical marijuana is not much welcomed in Boston

The dispensary is not only prepared for taking care of its customers but also to make sure that no one is buying marijuana for recreational use. The store is equipped with infrared security cameras, a foyer, and a waiting area for overflow crowds. The Boston police will not allow lines outside the store.

This week, the debate over the legalization of recreational marijuana continues and Boston is more against that in favor. The president of the Boston City Council and other councilors are supporting the legalization since the November referendum. By contrast, Mayor Martin J. Walsh and other top city and state leaders are against the legal use of the plant, even when it comes to its medical features.

Patriot Care has promised it would not sell recreational marijuana, even if it is approved in the state. Image credit: Matthew Staver/Bloomberg.

The opening of the Patriot Care dispensary has concerned business groups about the potential security issues that the store could bring to the city. The Boston community fears that the new marijuana shop will lead Boston to crime.

This situation made Patriot Care to sign an agreement with the mayor’s office. The marijuana company agreed to give money to the city and collaborate with charities such as the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts. It will also provide space for Compassionate Care ALS, which is working in the store’s basement.

Source: The Boston Globe