Young star Marlana VanHoose sung Star Spangled Banner and shocked the attendants of the Republican National Convention.

Born in Kentucky, doctors diagnosed her with Cytomegalovirus, shortly after, it was discovered that she was blind as her optic nerve never formed. Two years later, she was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. She started singing and playing the piano at an early age, winning Young Artist of the Year 2015 in the Artist Music Guild. Marlana is now 20 years old.

Marlana VanHoose, at her young age, has performed before literally thousands via live or Internet audiences. Credit: KyForward

More than songs at the Republican National Convention

Most of the energy of the convention went into discussing the opposition to Donald Trump. Among shouts, trying to prolong the voting to start discussions, the attendants could sense how organized Trump followers are. Many yelled for a ‘roll call’ to confirm the assistance of 2,472 delegates and cause an obstacle for the meeting. Trump’s supporters responded the disruption by shouting “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”, managing to silence the opposition.

Republicans are divided as to whether support Trump or not. Although Donald Trump perceives lots of support from voters and politicians, his flamboyant and unorthodox strategies and speeches have driven many conservatives not to pledge their support. This is the case of Ohio Governor John Kasich, as it is expected that all party members support the same candidate that was elected in the primaries.

The recent racial-biased shootings were also present in the discussions. Trump’s racial hostility has sparked a whole lot of protests. Cleveland delegates openly opposed Trump’s stance on deporting immigrants and keeping surveillance on Muslims, particularly in a time where mass shootings become more common and concerning as they occur.

The interventions by Trump supporters appear to lean towards the image of a strongman, someone who can enforce laws and be stern. Although many believe that Trump will not win the presidency, it is a distinct possibility. One of the most critical factors is that voters do not like neither of the clear choices.

The attendants also discussed attacks perpetrated by immigrants entering the country illegally, alongside the Benghazi assault, blamed on Hillary Clinton who at the time was Secretary of State.

Clinton has been heavily criticized for the email server scandal and for not properly assessing the situation at the 2012 assault, where an American diplomatic compound was attacked in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans lost their lives, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. The events of Benghazi have been one of the most critical points where Republicans have used leverage to barge against the Democratic candidate. The death of Ambassador Stevens marked the first time a U.S. ambassador dies while on duty since 1979.

The controversy lies in the belief that the White House told security officers to keep in their positions as the attack took place. Republicans also criticize President Obama as he denied calling the assault a “terrorist” attack, even if he did call it so while in his campaign.

Voting is on November 8, and so far, most Americans can confirm that this will be a tough election, as there is a severe lack of desirable leadership in the current political scenario.

Source: LA Times