Black Friday 2016 is in less than three weeks, and retailers have gone ahead and released some of its intended sales offers for preparing their clients.

Some of the most popular offers are gaming consoles, where customers will enjoy over $50 percent off on the latest entertainment systems.

Black Friday 2016 is in less than three weeks. Photo credit: VG 24/7
Black Friday 2016 is in less than three weeks. Photo credit: VG 24/7

PCs are also on the table, where the new Surface Pro 4 will come with a pen and a Type cover in a $250 discount. These offers are available on Costco, where customers have to own a paid membership.

Dell is also promoting its Black Friday 2016 products, including a $249 Xbox One S 500 GB Bundle, including Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4 and a wireless controller. There will also be offers for consumer-range laptops and desktop PCs for only $99.

Dell also benefits customers with a membership, as they will be able to enjoy the sales mentioned above offers starting November 16.

“This year we are offering even more holiday savings on the latest products consumers want at Shoppers can also choose to find great offers on a broad selection of Dell technology in top retail stores across North America this season,” stated David Bent, Dell’s Senior Vice President.

Black Friday 2016 differs from past years

Black Friday 2016 falls on November 25, the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. Due to Amazon’s global presence. The concept has been introduced in different parts of the world, where in Britain it has become the biggest shopping day. Black Friday 2015 saw over a billion pounds spent in online and retail stores in 24 hours.

Shopping enthusiasts suggest that buyers should always try to use credit rather than debit. Because Black Friday is such an agitated day for retailers, it is possible that an article becomes damaged or ships poorly. If the buyer passes the transaction to the bank, it is easier to solve the inconvenience.

Most of Black Friday offers are on consumer electronics, due to them being expensive and any discount is hugely influential on buyer sentiment. But Black Friday sales comprehend most consumer-range products.

Thanks to social media, customers can now find out about better offers through the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts of each brand and manufacturer. Customers must make sure that the offer has a true origin since many third-party sellers try to take advantage of greedy shoppers that cannot wait to score a hefty discount.

Offers may arrive through instant messaging such as WhatsApp and Facebook wall posts. Although they may seem attractive, it is often advised to ignore them unless the person who sent the offer can be trusted with the customer’s money.

Black Friday offers are usually published on each store’s website on Thursday as a way to prepare shoppers and to draft a shopping plan. But thanks to the internet and centralized nationwide shipping, enduring long queues, and exposing oneself to angry mobs are a thing of the past, where one can just go on Amazon or any other retailer and just shop for the desired product, without ever having to leave the house.

Source: Tech Times