“Real Time” host Bill Maher made a joke on his show on HBO last Friday night, which was deemed by many to be inappropriate as it portrayed incest.

As he was interviewing Gabriel Sherman from New York Magazine, Bill Maher mocked Ivanka’s role on the White House, as many saw her as a voice of consciousness after becoming a White House employee.

Image credit: The Resurgent
Image credit: The Resurgent

“A lot of us thought, ‘Oh, Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace.’ When [Trump’s] about to f–king nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and you know…’Daddy, Daddy. Don’t do it, Daddy,’” Bill Maher said live while making a gesture depicting with his hands.

Did Maher go too far? Or was it Trump?

The joke was not well received, but perhaps it is helpful to see President Trump’s past comments concerning her daughter being physically attractive.

Back in 2013, Ivanka and Donald appeared on The Wendy Williams Show. They were playing a question and answers game when Ivanka was asked about what she had in common with her father. She responded that it was “either real estate or golf.” Shortly, Donald added: “Well, I was going to say sex, but I can’t relate that to her.”

On a similar event earlier in 2006, Trump was on The View promoting The Apprentice. Eventually, he was asked about what he would think if his eldest daughter was on the cover of Playboy. He responded that it was up to what was inside of the magazine and confessed that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter, he would probably be dating her.

In 2006, Howard Stern told Trump that his daughter looked “more voluptuous than ever,” and he responded that she’s always been like that. Stern asked him if he could call her “a piece of ass” and Trump agreed.

Although Bill Maher’s joke is seen as offensive and out of place by many of his viewers, the truth is that Donald Trump himself has made it clear that he is both conscious and attracted by his daughter’s physique. Although there is nothing wrong with what he might say about it, comedians rely on such matters to create material.

Stephen Colbert was also put in the spotlight for a joke that was seen as homophobic by many, as he called Trump to be “Putin’s c—k holster.” Colbert replied to the complaints that he only had jokes while Trump had the nuclear launch codes, which made it an even fight. Bill Maher, on the other hand, has not commented on how the public took his joke.

In the end, what hosts like Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert do is entertain those who relate to their dark and relevant type of humor. Because the Trump administration is full of flamboyancy and unconventional issues, comedians and late night hosts are having a field day with plenty of material. They work what they see into jokes to just make people laugh and earn ratings for the show, as more people will suffer from losing affordable health care compared to just hearing a dirty joke made on HBO.

Source: Fox News