It is rumored that Amazon is launching its touchscreen Echo voice assistant device on Tuesday. The news was initially reported by The Wall Street Journal, and they claim that Jeff Bezo’s company will finally launch the long-awaited device.

Images of the device were leaked on May 5 by Evan Blass, but experts believe although the pictures are similar to the new design, the final version of the touchscreen Echo is slightly different.

Image credit: Digital Trends
Image credit: Digital Trends

New Echo device will probably be released tomorrow 

The touchscreen Echo device will allegedly have a focus on shopping, which will make it easier for people to buy things from Amazon with a voice command. People will be able to tell Alexa -the Echo’s voice assistant- what they wish to buy, and options will appear on the screen. The device will also have the ability to make and receive phone and video calls, although it is believed that it may have limited capabilities in that area at first.

The Wall Street Journal also claimed that the new touchscreen Echo device will be priced at over $200, which confirms early reports. The original Echo device costs $180, the smaller Echo Dot retails at $50, and the Echo Tap battery-powered device retails at $130. Amazon recently launched the Echo Look, which has a camera to judge the way you dress, and it costs $200.

In February, Bezos clarified that the Echo device was more than an Amazon cash register.

“Alexa is primarily about identifying tasks in the household that would be improved by voice,” said Bezos in February, according to Business Insider.

Amazon expects the Echo device will become the most sought-out device

Amazon’s CEO stated that in regards to shopping, Alexa was only good for reordering consumables because you don’t have to make a lot of choices, but that overall online shopping will be facilitated by having a display. Bezos believes that Alexa is still an ongoing experiment, and as people build more skills for the voice assistant, the company is still working out how and where it can be useful. Amazon is also exploring the music business, with its Amazon Prime Music Service, and newest Spotify competitor, Amazon Music Unlimited.

With the newest Echo device, Amazon looks to set itself on top of the market. One of its competitors is the Google Home and the recently launched Harmon Invoke, a smart speaker powered by Microsoft’s Cortana. However, with the touchscreen feature, as well as other features yet to be disclosed, the Echo device is expected to become the most sought-out product in the market.

Source: Business Insider