When it comes to the lottery, many people love the tradition of buying their tickets and gathering around the TV or going on the internet to find out the draw. It’s a way of life for so many people, part of their weekly routine, and an important bringer of hope to their lives, as they dream of winning the jackpot and lavishly spending their winnings.

Betting on The Lottery vs Buying Lottery Tickets

But the way in which many people enjoy the lottery is beginning to change, with some online betting sites providing users with the opportunity to bet on the lottery, instead of or in addition to actually buying your ticket and taking part as normal. For example, you can find the Irish Lotto odds at Paddy Power, allowing you to bet on the Irish lottery in the way that best suits you.

You might be thinking, why would I bet on the lottery when I can just buy my ticket and play along as normal? Well, read on, as we discuss the advantages of both playing the lottery and betting on the lottery.

Betting on the lottery

The idea of betting on the lottery might be alien to you, but there are several ways that doing so can actually increase your enjoyment of the lottery. Betting on it is relatively straightforward, you simply pick the numbers and bet your chosen amount that they will be drawn. The difference with betting on the lottery is that you have the option to choose how many balls you want to bet on. If you’d rather play it safe, you can bet on just one ball, and perhaps place a larger stake if you’re after a bigger win. Or if you’re feeling lucky, you can bet on more numbers, in the hope of landing a bigger payday.

The advantage of betting on the lottery is that you can create a lottery experience that is flexible and is tailored to your own wants and needs. If you feel like it’s your lucky day, you might want to increase your stake, or if you’re not feeling so confident, you can bet a smaller amount. The customization is the key feature, as opposed to buying a fixed-price ticket every week, with no leeway in terms of how much you wager.

Buying lottery tickets

Of course, the main advantage of actually playing the lottery itself is that there is the tantalizing prospect of the jackpot. This can be worth millions of pounds, and it’s the dream of winning that kind of windfall that keeps people playing the lottery week-in, week-out. For a lot of people, playing the lottery is just a bit of fun, and the thought of one day winning the jackpot is enough to keep them buying their tickets each week.

But while the potential winnings may be greater when buying a lottery ticket, betting on the lottery is perhaps better in terms of earning more consistent wins. This is due to the fact that you can dictate how much you bet each time – so betting a larger amount on a more likely outcome, i.e. one correct number could land you more frequent victories.

How you play the lottery is entirely up to you, but if you’re getting a bit bored of constantly buying tickets and never winning a penny, then betting on the lottery could be a great way to spice up your lottery experience.