Bentley has introduced its Flying Spur W12 S, an entry-level sedan that can reach speeds of up to 202 mph, thus becoming the fastest sedan in the carmaker’s repertoire.

The company assures that its new sedan can reach 60 mph in just over 4 seconds.Its predecessor, the Flying Spur W12 was able to reach speeds of 199 mph. The Flying Spur W12 S features a monstrous 6.0lt, twin turbocharged W12 626 horsepower engine, able to apply 605 lb-ft of torque, which allows it to set new precedents on Bentley’s vision for entry-level sedans. It has been labeled the “ultimate luxury performance sedan” by Bentley’s CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer.

Flying Spur W12 S
Flying Spur W12 S. Image credit: Bentley.

Flying Spur W12 S: Specs, price, availability

The inside of the Flying Spur W12 was designed to provide a sensation of the highest in industry standards. The characters “W12 S” are sewn into the vehicle’s headrests, and customers are able to choose from several designer color themes for the elegant leather interior.

Customers can choose to include carbon-ceramic disc brakes, 21-inch wheels, carbon-fiber interior details, and much more fancy features to create a truly unique and sophisticated driving experience.

Flying Spur W12 S
Bentley emphasized the W 12 S’s suspension and responsiveness to the pedal. Image credit: Bentley.

The vehicle features LED headlights and taillights, which pair up perfectly to the exterior design, with aggressive curves and dark-colored highlights in the form of its grille, mirrors and the interior of its wheels.

Although Bentley has not disclosed the Flying Spur W12 S’s list price, reviewers believe that it will be at least more expensive than the standard W12 model, which costs $228,025. Bentley aims to perform retail shipments in Q4 2016.

Design: ‘Every detail on display in the cabin is lovingly handcrafted’

The Flying Spur W12 S’s backside features two distinct lines that generate an unprecedented perception, increasing the vehicle’s apparent volume and character as the most advanced four-door vehicles manufactured by Bentley.

Bentley executives say that the W12 S is an attempt at pleasing customers looking for “a more assertive exterior and interior design,” which the Flying Spur completely manages to achieve, paired up with its top driving speed. The W12 S also includes four-wheel-drive, splitting 40 percent of its horsepower to the front and 60 to the rear.

Flying Spur W12 S
Bentley’s Flying Spur W12 S interior. Image credit: Bentley.

Every detail on display in the cabin is lovingly handcrafted. And the technology, while undoubtedly innovative, is also understated in presentation, intuitive to use and a pleasure to experience,” writes Bentley on the Flying Spur’s website.

Recognizable, elegant, and impressive, Bentley aims to surpass expectations with the Flying Spur W12 S. With its wide range of customizing features, Bentley aficionados will surely be anxious to push the W12 S to its speed limit, as the company promises nothing more than “power and performance” with its new sedan.

Winged ‘B’ badges, a chrome grille, oval tailpipes and a clean exterior design add up to the W12 S’s ongoing list of attractive features. Customers can find Flying Spur W12 S dealers through Bentley’s official website. A visualizer is also available to preview how your ideal Flying Spur would look like.

Source: Automobilemag