U.S. – On Wednesday, a photo contest called the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition 2015, announced the winners, and the first place was given to an intense close up photography of a bee’s eye, which is capped with dandelion pollen. The image was captured by Ralph Grimm, an Australian photographer.

The contest had more than 2,000 applicants who submitted their images in order to win such prestigious competition, which usually shows the little wonders of our world. In the end, only 20 images were chosen, and hence the winners.

1st Place: Ralph Claus Grimm from Jimboomba, Queensland, Australia. Eye of a honey bee (Apis mellifera) covered in dandelion pollen (120x). Reflected Light (Ralph Claus Grimm/Nikon Small World 2015) Credit: International Business Times

However, Ralph Grimm took the first place with his image of a bee’s eye. The photographer stated that he spent nearly 4 hours setting up the eye under a microscope and focusing the instrument to achieve the winning image. The colors are very intense and the picture looks like if it was computerized.

An award for a purpose

Grimm knows bees in a very close way since he is a former beekeeper. He said that since bee colonies are being destructed more over time, with this image he wants to remind the important role that these pollinators play in local ecosystems, according to Livescience.

“In a way I feel as though this gives us a glimpse of the world through the eye of a bee. It’s a subject of great sculptural beauty, but also a warning — that we should stay connected to our planet, listen to the little creatures like bees, and find a way to protect the earth that we all call home,” Grimm said in a statement, as Livescience reported.

For those who are interested in knowing all the winning images through the years, they can find them in Nikon’s official website. Furthermore, the images will be featured in an upcoming calendar and will be exposed in the U.S. as part of a national museum tour.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor