Losing an icon is bad enough but now, the widow of the late Robin Williams and his three children from prior marriages are embroiled in a battle over his estate. Sadly, everything has become a part of the war to include Williams’ collection of action figures and personal clothing items.

Susan Schneider Williams married Robin in 2011. As his third wife, she filed official court documents in December pertaining to his estate. At the same time, Williams’ son Zac from his first wife Valerie Velardi along with a second son Cody and daughter Zelda, born to his second wife, Marsha Garces Williams, filed their own documents in court last month.

According to both sets of documents, there are many things being contested to include bicycles, toys, photographs, clothing fossils, and Williams’ many awards, among other things. It was also noted that the matter of the estate is something all three children want revolved quickly and efficiently.

Williams left his estate to his children in a trust but also included in his will was provisions to benefit his widow who is the mother to two sons, both teenagers. The provisions for his widow included the couple’s Tiburon California home and all of its contents.

As stated by Schneider Williams in her court documents, within just days of Williams taking his life by hanging many items were removed from the home. After hiring an attorney, she also discovered that certain things had been cancelled to include the delivery of the daily newspaper. As such, she is claiming that Williams’ children have boldly interfered with the necessary grieving process.

As far as the children, they state they are absolutely heartbroken about needing to file a petition but also their dislike of Schneider Williams who had only been their father’s wife for under three years. They strongly feel she is adding insult to injury by preventing them from receiving things they know their father would want them to have. The children also claim that Schneider Williams went against their father’s wishes pertaining to the estate by challenging them.

Although there is a long list of items being disputed, those at the forefront include Williams’ many awards, which includes six Golden Globes, five Grammys, two Emmys, and an Oscar for his incredible role in the moving, Good Will Hunting. Other items of particular mention are clothes, jewelry, and photographs prior to Williams and his widow getting married.

As stated by Schneider Williams, she is not asking for anything connected to her late husband’s acting and entertainment career but various non-related items like knickknacks and the tuxedo he wore in their wedding.

However, the children pointed out that their father was not a collector of “knickknacks” but rather valuable and extensive collections of action figures, movie posters, theater masks, and graphic novels.