Mountain View – Google will implement Smart Reply, an automatic response for your Gmail inbox, by the end of the week.

The multinational company has developed the feature for inbox clients in order to facilitate the responses needed in a working environment. So far, the company has announced three quick options to reply to emails based on a machine learning process of content. Smart Reply may be used to simply reply or to begin a longer message.

Smart Reply was designed using the same technology that Google already has to improve its voice command and search abilities as well as its capacity to generate single words or phrases in YouTube’s search engine. The feature is capacitated to learn and recognize the meanings behind human speech and pretends to replicate them the more it is used.

Smart Reply will only be available in the English language. The feature will be released on November 5 on Google Play and the App Store.

The way it is created, Smart Reply will create better suggestions over time in regards to the content of the messages received. It’s deemed an ambitious goal by many developers, seeing as inappropriate responses are always discouraged but sometimes inevitable by the the application.

Automated responses are not a new element in technology. Both Google’s and Apple’s operating systems, Android and IOS, have keyboards that allow the suggestions of words and phrases in the customer’s messaging applications.

The success of a machine learning to improve the way people communicate over email is of great importance to Google, as it can make the difference between said company and other developers and can mean the preference of Google over other companies. Microsoft, for example, uses similar technology to reply to Outlook emails.

If Google’s Smart Reply function works as expected, it could open doors to even better technologies that could further improve voice commands and more natural language replies in instant messaging apps.

Source: PC World