Kansas City – The manhunt intensifies as the suspect in a quadruple homicide and an isolated shooting, which left one dead, is nowhere to be found. The suspect, called Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino, is believed to be dangerous and possibly armed with an AK-47.

At least two helicopters, police dogs and one SWAT team were helping look for the possible killer near New Florence, said Capt. John Hotz, a spokesman for the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Several schools near the area are in lockdown with officials in their surroundings, as reported by the Washington Post.

In the picture, Pablo Serrano. Photo: REUTERS/Kansas City Police Department/Handout via Reuters
In the picture, Pablo Serrano. Photo: REUTERS/Kansas City Police Department/Handout via Reuters

The search for Serrano-Victorino started late Monday when four men were shot in his neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas. One of the men was able to reach for a phone and called the police before he passed away. The nature of the men’s relations is unclear as is the motive for the shooting, Kansas City Police Officer Thomas Tomasic said.

A more intensified searched began when a truck Serrano-Vitorino was believed to be driving was found abandoned along Interstate 70 in central Missouri around 7 a.m., 25 minutes later, local police responded to a shooting at a rural home about five miles away.

The call turns out to be a fatal incident where a 49-year-old man called Randy J. Nordman, who lived at the Montgomery County property, was found dead, according to the responding patrol. A witness reported seeing a man running from the area of the shooting, added Highway Patrol Lt. Paul Reinsch.

There is no known connection between Nordman and Serrano-Vitorino that officials are aware of. The suspect apparently did not have any vehicle at that time, Reinsch added.

“It is sick”

In the first shooting where four men were found dead, it was the owner of the house who received a call from a tenant at a neighboring house Monday night about a person lying on the porch as if he were dead.

When Steve Manthe, the tenant, was allowed inside the crime scene, he saw blood on the living room couch and around the room. The television in the house was still on, he said. It looked like he just stepped in the door and blew them away,” added Manthe.

The neighborhood is described as a quiet area by people who live in it. They said that they had not heard gunshots the night before. One of the deceased was actually considered a nice guy who helped him with car repairs and upgrades, said Al VanBebber, a 54-year-old mechanic who lives a few blocks away.

“It is sick,” VanBebber said. “I do not know how anybody could do that, with people as nice as could be.”

Source: Los Angeles Times