With its success in Europe, Audi is bringing its Q3 SUV to the U.S. with a redesigned exterior inspired by the Q7.

A relatively small SUV, the Audi Q3 2016 has sharper lines, a large and aggressive grille and an S line model available as a secondary option for buyers. Details are pushing the Q3’s campaign to the American car market, as the roof edges were made sharper and the bumpers were brought closer to the floor. The Q3 is the epitome of a luxurious and accessible SUV that does not look like an SUV. 

Audi Q3 2016
Tukan Yellow Audi Q3. Image credit: Audi.


Its 19-inch wheels feature a glossy black paint job, matching the ones present on the air intakes and grille. Small and sharp black arches were placed on the doors, roof, mirrors, and windows to boast a more aggressive exterior for American buyers.

The Q3 falls short in some aspects when measured against the competition, as the BMW X1 appears to be its greatest rival. The main issue with the Q3 is its 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, able to produce 200 horsepower.

Although it is turbocharged, the Q3 SUV is rather heavy, leading to a slower acceleration and long, sluggish turns. In comparison, the Q3’s engine is basically the same of a Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Audi Q3 2016
Tukan Yellow Audi Q3. Image credit: Audi.


The Q3 takes it up a notch when it comes to its interiors. With a design that screams luxury and comfort, the Q3 stands up to the competition by offering a cabin that drivers will never want to leave.

The Audi Q3 S line features black leather seats with lumbar support, with a choice of Leather-Alcantara and Fine Nappa for the interior textures. Buyers can choose to implement rear camera park assist and a blind-spot monitoring system.

The Q3 also features Audi’s user interface, which users highlight as very intuitive and easy to use. The problem is that, although it allows for different types of connections, drivers will have to switch between adapters depending on the device that they would like to connect.

Audi Q3 2016
Audi Q3 interior. Image credit: Audi.

The pedals are large, boasting an air of a race car able to reach high velocities with just a push. They are made out of stainless steel and feature long paddles that just call for being stepped on.

Apparently, Audi aimed for design and reliability rather than power. The Q3 allows drivers to choose between Auto, Sport, and Dynamic drive modes, where steering and acceleration will vary accordingly.

The manual version of the Q3 features a stick with fancy leather and aluminum details. There is no indication that both automatic and manual versions of the Q3 will make it to the U.S.


The Audi Q3’s list price will start at $33,700 for its Premium Plus model, which features front wheel drive. The Prestige Quattro model will start at $41,825.

Although it may have a hard time to fend off the SUVs released by close competitors Mercedes-Benz and BMW, buyers will find that the Audi Q3 is a great choice for a mid-range SUV with luxurious details and a comfortable interior.

Audi Q3 2016
Tukan Yellow Audi Q3. Image credit: Audi.

Source: Audi Press Release