After American Wii U Pokken Tournament fans were disappointed because the new HORI Pro Pad was just available for Japan markets, Amazon has already put the western version of the arcade-like device on one of its listings and it cost some $25 available for pre-order.

HORI is looking to give a greater gaming experience with this Pokémon-infused fighting game controller to a broader audience. In this sense Bandai Namco is providing the opportunity to buy a Pokkén Tournament HORI controller for its Japanese release. The bundle includes a black 32 GB Wii U with “Pokken Tournament” pre-installed.

Amazon has opened up pre-orders for the HORI Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Limited Edition controller for Wii U. This item has been officially licensed by Nintendo/Pokemon, and is based on the official Pokken Tournament arcade cabinet controller. Credit: Nintendo Everything

In the Amazon listing the controller will be released in March 18, 2016. However the game is set to launch in “Quarter 2” for its US release date which is approximately between April and June. So there is a little speculation on the exact time it will be out there. No matter what you can pre-order it now and just wait for it to get to your house.

It is important to note that this controller would not work for other games as a normal one. It might have some features to control games like Super Smash Bros and some other Wii U games, but don’t count on it to give you a full range of maneuvering. This is a controller designed specially for Pokemon themed games.


The Pokken Tournament Pro Pad limited edition is officially licensed by Nintendo and Pokemon, has an ergonomic design and button layout optimized for Pokken Tournament and its not wireless given that its purpose is to mimic the Pokken Tournament arcade experience with the “ZL” and “ZR” buttons placed beside the start and select buttons instead of on the back like traditional Wii U controllers, as reported by Engadget.

There is also a nice offer to unlock Shadow Mewtwo for those who pick up the game at launch. They will get a card, which works in the same way as the Animal Crossing cards, using the NFC tech found in amiibo, as reported by IGN.

Chris Carter, Reviews Director in Destructoid, who claims to know a lot about these arcade things has already pre-order the item.

Source: Destructoid