Chatbots have faced a remarkable rise and wide adoption in recent years. The year 2017 has been known as the ‘year of chatbots’. Many businesses have started using chatbots for providing proactive support and improving their customer service experience. Whether you are running a small or large-scale business, you must consider using a chatbot to better connect with your customers. However, that is not all that chatbots do for your business. There are various other tasks that you can easily automate with the use of chatbots. All you need to do is find an excellent chatbot builder and create a chatbot for your business.

Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder Enables Businesses to Create Advanced AI Chatbots

Before you do that, however, let us go ahead and understand why you should start using a chatbot for your business.

Why You Should Use Chatbot For Your Business?

Chatbots are mainly used by businesses to support their customers. They help them respond to their customer queries instantly and save their time and efforts. Chatbots if used right can help businesses increase their customer base, enhance their sales, and grow in no time.

Here are a few major reasons why you should start using chatbots for your business.

  1. Please Customers: Chatbots help businesses deliver a smooth service experience to their customers. As per a recent study, over 46 percent of the customers prefer chatbots to humans when want to get in touch with any business. This means the use of a chatbot for your business can help you excite your customers. However, to make it work you need to make sure that your chatbot performs well. It should do much more than just talking to your customers. For example, things like it should sound professional, provide appropriate answers, offer possible solutions, and much more.
  2. Remain Fulltime Available: Most businesses need to remain available round the clock for their customers which are not usually possible due to a lack of human resources. Chatbots help businesses cater to their customers round the clock no matter whether it is morning, afternoon, or midnight. Even if they can’t resolve the users’ queries, they can still gather the required details and assure the customers of the resolution at the earliest.
  3. Cut Down Operational Costs: Various businesses spend a lot of money to serve their customers in a better way. Chatbots can help businesses significantly reduce these operational costs to at least 30 percent. For example, all the workforce hired for answering the general inquiry calls can be removed as chatbots can do that job better for the businesses. Chatbots or virtual agents can be the first point of contact for the customers and if unable to provide the relevant answers can transfer the calls to the live agents. Businesses just need to program the chatbots for handling basic queries. There are various excellent chatbot makers available in the market that can do this job for them in minutes.
  4. Work Alongside Humans: Chatbots take over services and help businesses automate everything which saves them from hiring more human employees. The chatbots help businesses deal with customer queries within their capabilities meaning they help customers with the answers to the basic queries and transfer them to the live agents for the more complex tasks. They are the best resources when it comes to handling basic and repetitive tasks. So, they can be supportive of raising productivity by working along with human employees and not by replacing them.
  5. Improve Sales and Revenue: There are plenty of ways how chatbots can help businesses increase their sales and revenue. They can answer basic questions of the customers and give them shopping advice based on their purchase history to keep them engaged. Chatbots can predict customer behavior and push appropriate notifications based on their choices and preferences. They can serve potential customers better and help your business convert them into regular customers. Chatbots also help businesses reach out to the wider audience that if converted to potential leads can help them increase their revenue.

You can get all these benefits of using chatbots in just a few clicks. You can create your own chatbot using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder, one of the finest chatbot builders available in the market. Let us go ahead and learn more about the software.

Why Use Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder to Create Your Own Chatbot?

Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder helps businesses create personalized chatbots with various advanced features that help them stay updated with industry standards. With the software, businesses can create efficient chatbots and help their customers check basic information instantly. The best part about this chatbot is it can serve users from different locations in their preferred language. Let us take an example of a chatbot created for a banking website. It helps bank account holders check their account balance in seconds after verifying their security details.

Here are the major features that Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder offers.

  1. Easy-to-Use Interface: Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder offers the users a simple interface that they can use to create their own chatbot in just a few minutes.
  2. Customized Chats: Appy Pie’s Chatbot Maker allows businesses to customize chatbot chats and make them appropriate as per their business preferences.
  3. Customized Design: Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder lets businesses create chatbots with customized designs and layouts. They can easily add these chatbots to their website landing page or in the form of a widget.
  4. Transfer to Live Agent: Appy Pie Chatbots initiate chats with the users as soon as they visit your business website. They gather the basic user details and then transfer the call to the live agent for further assistance.
  5. Audience Targeting: Appy Pie’s Chatbot Maker targets the audience as per their location. Users interacting from different locations get relevant chat content and that too in their preferred language.

Appy Pie’s Chatbot Maker helps you create an excellent chatbot in minutes and that too without coding a single line. They offer various effective features and let users create chatbots in their chosen designs. These chatbots work round the clock and remain available for your customers all the time. The software enables your business to offer advanced customer support and that too staying within your planned budget. Not only is Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder affordable, but it is all humanized and doesn’t need any specialized training to be completely functional which means you save both time and money!