Following Apple’s 40th anniversary celebrated this week by the tech company, Steve Wozniak, co-founder, announced plans and predictions for future innovations and developments. After coming from humble beginnings as Wozniak, alongside Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne started Apple Computers from a garage in Los Altos, California, the company looks back on what has accomplished so far.

FILE – In this April 24, 1984, file photo, Steve Jobs, left, chairman of Apple Computers, John Sculley, center, president and CEO, and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, unveil the new Apple IIc computer in San Francisco. Photo: AP Sal Veder/ File

Considered by many as the leading tech company worldwide, Apple is set to further amaze people with technological innovations as well as the designing of devices focused on improving people’s lives. Among the predictions made by Wozniak on the eve of the company’s anniversary, he mentioned areas such as self-driving cars, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

However, these areas could become a reality before 2020, so Wozniak claims the computing revolution experienced in earlier decades was the peak of technological advances and applications. Nevertheless, Apple’s competitors focused on different areas have shown amazing developments when it comes to self-driving cars and virtual reality devices. This year alone has already been a busy one considering the contributions from Tesla Motors, Microsoft, and many other companies set to innovate the current marketplace.

For instance, the automaker giant BMW has already developed the prototype for a self-driving car, announced as ‘the car of the future’, with an integrated OS and features allowing the driver to rely on the car’s autonomy. And even Apple as set the bar high early this year with the releasing of the Apple Watch, and more importantly, the Kardio Band ECG medical technology.

Started from the bottom now Apple is here to stay

The tech company, officially registered 40 years ago as Apple Computers, has already exceeded Wozniak predictions for future years. 2016 appear to be one of the most promising years for Apple, as the tech company’s plans for this upcoming year include a vast variety of devices and iOS versions to be released.

It all started when three young men, led by Steve Jobs back then, decided to start Apple Computers in a garage at Los Altos, California. For its 40th anniversary, Apple released on Friday a video honoring its founders and the most important contributions to technology, humorously lasting only 40 seconds.

Steve Jobs played maybe the most significant role when Apple started to gain recognition worldwide for its innovations in the technology market. Some people still describe Jobs’ presentation of the first iPhone as a magic trick, where he only harnessed the audience’s imagination on all the features that a phone could hold, and then doing it himself.

Apple revolutionized the technologic world ever since the announcement of the iPod, then the iPhone, and now, all the variety of products that had its origins in a humble garage in California back in the 70s.

Source: CNET