According to several leaks, this Wednesday Apple will unveil yet another iPhone, an updated Apple Watch, and new special headphones. The iPhone is supposed to have a dual-lens camera and the smartwatch a GPS sensor. Also, it is highly rumored that Apple got rid of the iPhone’s analog headphone jack, which could change the way users listen to music.

Eliminating the analog jack would mean that users of Apple devices will utilize headphones that are connected through Bluetooth or a cord that is adapted to the recharging port. Rumor has it that the new iPhones will come with an adapter that converts old headphones so they can fit into the recharging port.

Apple will unveil another iPhone, an updated Apple Watch, and new special headphones. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Inc.
Apple will unveil another iPhone, an updated Apple Watch, and new special headphones. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Inc.

The iPhone 7 is here

The new iPhones are supposed to come in a new array of colors, but other than that they will look practically the same as all the other iPhones that have been circulating since 2014. This means the phone will feature a 4.7-inch screen, and there will be the “Plus” version with a 5.5-inch screen.

Since this earlier release means that Apple did not spend its usual two-year cycle developing the new device, this iPhone will not feature a major revamp. Most fans know this since they are already waiting for the iPhone 8, to be released in 2017, marking the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone’s release.

However, this slightly better iPhone 6 is supposed to have more memory, faster processors, the so-awaited-for dual-lens camera. The improved smartwatch is going to feature a GPS sensor that will be very useful for fitness lovers since it can be used alongside exercise apps. Nonetheless, just like the iPhone, the Apple Watch will not have any remarkable revamp. Namely, the watch own “cellular capability” (can function without an iPhone) that Apple has been working on for a while.

Apple should also announce the dates for when all the new devices will go on sales, alongside its usual timetable for releasing all the next major upgrades for all its iPads, iPhones, Apple TV, Mac computers and Apple Watch.

The new headphone era

The biggest surprise Apple might give on Wednesday is the elimination of the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. This could transform the iPhone into a waterproof device, and could also help to make it thinner, saving space for other components. According to some users, this will also provide better audio quality.

However, conservative users are stating that the old analog headphones are way better than wireless headsets that often drop their connections. It also brings the dilemma that all the existing iPhones won’t plug into the phone’s recharging port without an adapter. Others have highlighted that one won’t be able to listen to music and recharge the device at the same time.

According to some leaks, Apple will release a new Beats Electronics gear, to grasp the attention of music lovers. Apple bought off Beats Electronics a couple of years ago for three billion dollars.

Jim Thiede, head of global product marketing at Motorola, says the “market is changing” and that the future will come hand-in-hand with the elimination of all type of cords and plugs, making devices rely entirely on wireless features.

Source: ABC News