Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) will offer 360º video content directly in the customer’s rooms with the new integration of Littlstar on the Apple TV. The global network exclusively dedicated to offer video in 360º and virtual reality products said in a press release on Tuesday they were going to provide access to a wide catalog of content from well-known brands.

The videos can be accessed from the Littlstar app where users can enjoy the immersive experience of content from brands such as Showtime, Disney, Discovery, PBS, Mountain Dew, National Geographic, Red Bull and the Wall Street Journal.

What seems more interesting about the app is that it functions with the new Siri Remote of the Apple TV, which permits users to control the different angles of videos using the remote’s trackpad. In other words, users are allowed to look around in 360º views while rotating the view with the remote.

Littlstar, a service that produces 360-degree and virtual reality video, has landed on the new Apple TV. With Littlstar, you can get 360-degree video experiences right on your television, exploring new landscapes and experiencing stories in a new way. Credit:

The founder and Chief Product Officer of Littlstar said in a press release Littlstar’s app for Apple TV brings an immersive 360º video experience to the television screen, he explained they wanted to give audiences the ability to consume this content from their living rooms and in a social environment.

Littlstar has its own patent-pending distribution technology that is used by brands from DKNY to Ferrari. Also the company offers a platform with APIs, SDKs and analytics for content creators, wrote the distributor.

“As more and more content creators look to 360 videos and virtual reality to tell stories and connect with consumers, we want to provide them with the widest distribution across platforms. The new Apple TV is the latest in a suite of consumer touch points that Littlstar offers brands and content studios,” said Ben Nunez, CEO of Littlstar.

Apple declared last month to CNN Money they have sold 25 million units of the Apple TV. The gadget that started as a dream for Steve Jobs has now integration for Siri, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and HBO. The little box comes with the new operating system called tvOS that allows Siri to find thousands of content by the voice requests of the users.

It is also powered with an App Store that is now offering several video games that can be played with the remote control. The gadget can be acquired for $149 (32 GB) to $199 (64 GB).

360º videos have become a huge phenomenon. YouTube has even created a special section dedicated to feature virtual reality content. Last week The White House published a 360º Holiday tour that takes people to a very immersive view of the president’s residence.

Source: Lilttlstar