Cupertino, California – Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) released a new OS X 10.11 named “El Capitan“, an improved operating system for Mac. The OS X is now available and free in Apple’s App Store.

OS X El Capitan gives users a simpler, smarter ways to do the things they do most with Mac. Like working in multiple apps at the same time, searching for information, keeping tabs on favorite websites, checking email, taking notes, and much more.

Apple released its new OS X, called “El Capitan,” already available to download in the App Store. Credit: NBC News

El Capitan comes with several improvements that will be perfectly suited to any Mac computer. There are two important features in this operating system: The mission control and a new full-screen called “Split View”.

Relevant Features

Split View: With this feature, Mac users are now able to open two full-screen applications at the same time, putting them side to side without giving more prominence to one or another. Split View and notepad go hand in hand. You can drag and drop data assets between different applications.

Mission Control plays an important role when it comes to Split View performance. Users need to launch it on order to drag an app on top of another full-screen app. The screen will split in two equal parts and it is up to the user to resize at convenience.

“Mission Control is a good way to find the app you were looking for. But if you’re really lost and can’t even find your cursor, just shake your mouse a little. Your cursor will change into a giant cursor for a few seconds so that you can notice it,” TechCrunch reported.

The default apps were not left behind. For instance, Safari got a few Chrome-like features and now it allows to pin tabs in the tab bar, so it stay in there and do not interrupt the display. In addition, now users can mute tabs from the address bar as well, according to TechCrunch.

“When you pin a tab, it minimizes to just the favicon and then refreshes itself periodically in the background. They get harder to close, which means you won’t accidentally lose an important website,” The Verge stated.

If you want to download El Capitan, go to App Store, download the 6GB installer and then just wait for the latest OS X to get installed in your Mac.

Source: The Verge