Technology company giant Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), has stumbled on their first sales bump of an eight years sales streak. Although many had their expectations put high regarding the sales of the Apple Watch, it haven’t reached these prospects since it was launched in spring 2015.

Due to a dishonest way that Apple’s sales data is being interpreted and communicated, Apple has increased its transparency regarding hardware unit sales reports for Apple Watch, TV and iPod.

Credit: Inc

On previous reports, the company’s newest additions Apple TV and the Apple Watch which saw the best growth this past quarter with a rather consistent 62% jump in sales to $4.3 billion. Still, foreign exchange headwinds caused by the US dollar appears to be one of the reasons for the decreased number in sales in other countries. The company’s recent reports suggest this quarter as the most profitable quarter in history, nonetheless.

When asked what’s keeping him up at night Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, “It’s the economic challenges all over the world. This is a huge accomplishment for our company especially given the turbulent world around us,” he added. “Our results are particularly impressive given the challenging global macroeconomic environment,” said Cook. “We’re seeing extreme conditions unlike anything we’ve experienced before just about everywhere we look.”

This is an important fact Apple needs to consider and evaluate with caution, as the company generates roughly two thirds of its revenue outside the United States. Apple’s CEO assures that foreign exchange is responsible for as much as 15 percent off revenues earned abroad to the tech giant. In spite of this, Cook has reliably describe as a huge opportunity for Apple to expand beyond China, including India which is now the largest phone market in the world, recent studies show.

As the company prepares to unveil a new product, there’s been lots of speculation on the features, processing data and every other aspect of the new smart phone. The product will be launched in March according to recent reports from the Apple facilities, yet this is a tentative date, as the unveiling may be delayed.

Apple fans will have to hold tight for at least a month before seeing the new iPhone in all its glory, as well as knowing if the rose gold is coming on a more affordable version. The iPhone 6c however, is likely to cost around $500 on launch day, on a standard level version with 16 GB of storage.

Source: Apple Insider