New features and apps for Apple TV were announced in the blog Appleinsider. After 10 years developing the technology the company has introduced a new tvOS platform to power the future of its Apple TV vision. The new platform will begin developing next year.

Since 2005 Apple has been working on Apple TV. It began as an interface for photos, music and movie playback, suitable for presenting on a television screen but trough the years it has been evolving to include upgrades that allowed users to download movies, connect to Internet streaming radio and content from partners like Netflix or youtube. In 2014 Apple even made Apple TV a remote access for HomeKit commands. This allows users to relay control of their home automation devices from the outside Internet.

Photo: Apple Insider.
Photo: Apple Insider.

Now, apple has announced the new improvements for apple Tv that will be developed in 2016: Apple TV4 and tvOS. The fourth generation of Apple TV includes games, shopping sites and other apps that no previous Apple TV had supported. Apple’s first apps for tvOS focus on iTunes movies and TV shows, iCloud Photos, Apple Music, which supports for streaming songs and music videos.

The good news is not exclusive for next year, to close 2015 apple decided on Wednesday to let user download a few of its premium apps for free. Developers gave a little treat to users by making the apps available for free for an unknow period of time.

Among the apps users can download from the app store at no cost are VoxBeat, an app that converts a musical passage sung into the iPhone’s microphone into a drum machine beat. The app also allows multiple audio tracks to be created so that users can create an entire song from scratch. Its normal cost is $4.99.

Rotate Video to 360°, which normally costs $2.99, solve the problem of videos being incorrectly oriented on iPhone. Videos can be rotated at any angle and exported to the iPhone’s camera roll.

Other apps are currently available for free, some of them are designed to help you organized your contacts or plan your next trip, others will help you lose or gain weight or keep you informed about the weather broadcast.
Source: Apple Insider