Apple has given the people a lot to talk about these weeks. Millions have gone crazy thinking about the new things that the company will announce.

However, all those rumors will dissipate in the very few hours. Today, September 12, Apple will hold its annual conference at the Steve Jobs Theatre, announcing the new iPhone X – the most exclusive until now because it has everything.

Despite the fact that Apple saw a decrease in sales due to the previous iPhone’s updates, it didn’t represent a huge loss for the company. This time, Apple plans to announce the iPhone X expected to be as innovative as the first iPhone in 2007.

Image Credit: LetsGoDigital
Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

It’s believed that this new device will feature a bigger screen, a new frontal camera and unlock systems, and more. This is why experts are estimating that the iPhone X will cost around $1,000, turning it into an emblem of elitism within the public.

This is the first time that Apple will locate one of its conferences at the Apple Park campus, in the Steve Jobs Theatre, with a capacity of 1,000 people. At this establishment, the Cupertino company will announce not only the iPhone X, but also the latest versions of macOS and iOS – including two more iPhones, a new AppleWatch, a new HomePod system, and the new 4K Apple TV.

The iPhone X, a symbol of exclusiveness

This new iPhone represents a huge punch in the pocket for a lot of people. Not all of Apple-fans can purchase it, although the biggest of them will do it. In fact, its manufacturing process is so complicated that it will be constrained by availability. The contrast between those who can easily buy it, and those who cannot, will be so notorious that the iPhone X will instantly become a symbol of exclusiveness.

Indeed, the expensiveness is being considered by a lot of people right at this moment, hours before the company starts the annual event. However, according to Time, this is not anything new. No matter how expensive it could be, people are still going to buy it as they did it with the first iPhone, in 2007.

At that year, an average phone would cost around $100. The phones weren’t much expensive due to the few tasks they were able to perform. And when Steve Jobs announced such an advanced smartphone to produce the beginning of a completely new era, people also felt Apple was asking too much from them. However, the company sold around one million units that year, not matter if the device’s steep $599 price tag was practically more shocking than its 3.5-inch, 320-by-480 pixel touchscreen which lacked a keyboard.

Kim Kardashian with her mirror-case iPhone. Image Credit: mas univers
Kim Kardashian with her mirror-case iPhone. Image Credit: mas univers

Despite the fact that people might want to buy it massively, the iPhone X will still represent a tremendous impact. Reviewers say that it will cost around $1,000, more expensive than the 256GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus, which sells for $969.

“$1,000 is a lot of money for a computer these days, let alone a phone. In real world terms, the new iPhone will cost the equivalent of seven weeks of groceries for my family, a half month of daycare for my kids, four months of minivan payments for the missus, or nearly 12 seasons of the Red Sox on MLB.TV. Try as I may, it’s hard to argue with those numbers,” said John Patrick Pullen, who covers Apple-related products for TIME, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and Wired. “So, I won’t argue — I’ll buy.”

Today, ten years after Steve Jobs announced the first of all iPhones, this annual event might be one of the most important since the Apple Watch was announced in 2014. However, it’s so difficult for phone companies to create a device that shocks the world – due to how fast the smartphone’s market moves and how advanced their designs already are –, that the iPhone X will continue being similar to its latest versions.

What the new iPhone brings us

The high-quality, edge-to-edge OLED display will be another new feature that this iPhone will bring us, and it’s believed that’s very similar to the best of Android’s smartphones. In accordance, Apple has replaced the fingerprint scanning home button with a facial recognition system.

According to the reviews, the Apple’s biggest advances on this smartphone are the cameras. This time, the iPhone will come with a front-camera that would support new expression detection technology and the “ARFaceAnchor,” which will let the users send in a simple message using their face, something similar to the Snapchat filters.

“Apple’s new iPhone will probably have a better quality back-facing camera, too. The rumor mill expects it to be capable of shooting 4K video at 60 frames per second (up from the current top-end 4K at 30fps),” said Pullen.

Source: Time