The American Red Cross stated on July 5 that its blood storage is low, and patients all over the country desperately need donors. The health association issued an emergency appeal urging citizens to donate blood as soon as possible because blood and platelets are used every day and donors are fewer than expected.

The Red Cross reported that summer is a difficult time for donations. In the months before July, the number of people that helped refill the blood storage decreased significantly. The organization has received 39 thousand fewer donations than expected.

Red Cross 2
There is currently a big number of blood drives scheduled in different states of the U.S. All blood types are needed. Image credit: Red Cross.

The Red Cross is distributing blood platelets to hospitals faster than it can compensate used blood bags with new ones. Someone needs blood and platelets every two seconds in the United States. This is not the first time that a blood crisis happens, but the Red Cross has already started campaigning to avoid a critical shortage.

Thousands of people have collaborated and donated, but it is not enough. The Red Cross stated that it needs around 14 thousand blood and platelet donations each day to help around 2,600 patients in different hospitals and transfusion centers. Blood and platelets are used for treating cancer, sickle disease, organ transplant procedures, heart surgery, and burns.

America needs blood: The Red Cross is organizing different events to attract donors

Hopatcong Yacht Club is hosting a blood drive on August 20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to let people from the Morris County donate blood for the noble cause of saving lives.

To encourage locals, Dr. Stu Miller, and his staff will offer free screenings. Those who donate blood can save up to $150 in a screening of their preference. Patients can choose between a carotid arterial disease screening, a peripheral arterial disease screening, peripheral venous disease screening, or a thyroid disease screening, Patch reported.

Blood Donation 1
College student donates blood. Image credit: Red Cross.

The yacht club is located at 79 N Bertrand Rd, Mt Arlington, Ner Jersey. Cape Cod will host a blood drive on August 27, from 9:30 to 2:30 p.m, at the Cape Cod Harley-Davidson, 750 MacArthur Boulevard. Those who donate blood until August 31 will receive a $5 gift card, said Cape News.

People can search for a blood drive close to their homes using the Red Cross Blood Donor free app or visiting The Red Cross has an appointment option to help reduce times when donating. Donors just need to fill the RedPass online and a health history questionnaire at the health association’s website. Donors can also contact the Red Cross at 1-800-733-2767.

Source: Red Cross