After filing for divorce on Monday, actress Amber Heard is claiming shocking domestic abuse against her soon-to-be ex-husband and A-list actor Johnny Depp. The actress filed for a restraining order along with graphic photos that showed a bruise on her face allegedly done by Depp.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been making headlines for the last couple of weeks, from the death of Depp’s mother, to divorce papers and now domestic abuse. Heard is now claiming her husband hit her with a cell phone while abusing her verbally.

Amber Heard claims domestic violence
Actress Amber Heard is seen with a bruise on her cheek after claiming that husband Johnny Depp hit her with a cell phone. Credit: The Sun UK

On Monday, Heard filled “irreconcilable differences” while asking for spousal support, just two days after Depp’s mother, Betty Sue, passed away. The couple had been rumored to lead a toxic and distant relationship during their one-year marriage.

“During the entirety of our relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me,” said Heard in court documents obtained by People Magazine.

Heard claimed that husband Johnny Depp abused her verbally, pulled her hair and hit her with her iPhone while fighting last Saturday night, while friends of the actress were on the couple’s LA apartment.

Two close friends had joined Heard in her LA apartment when husband Johnny Depp got home and allegedly “began obsessing about something that was untrue” said Heard in court documents as he became angry at her wife.

Heard declared she started asking for help to her friends, seconds before the actor grabbed her wife’s cellphone and threw it at her face hitting her cheek and forehead. The actress claims were supported by photographs of the bruises.

The actress claimed that her husband violently grabbed and pulled her hair while abusing her in a verbal way. Actor Johnny Depp is currently in Europe and hasn’t made any statements about her wife’s claims, yet his attorney has defended the actor against Heard.

Amber Heard claims domestic violence
Amber Heard seeks to obtain a restraining order against Depp. Credit: Reuters

According to the actor’s attorney Heard is trying to force Depp to pay spousal support and secure financial security after divorce trials finish.

After the alleged encounter between Depp and Heard last Saturday night, the actress called police officers who attended the scene but determined no evidence of a crime, according to People Magazine.

A turbulent marriage

The Hollywood couple first met while filming the movie “The Rum Diaries” based on the Hunter S. Thompson book starring Depp as an American journalist in Puerto Rico, who meets a beautiful young woman portrayed by Heard.

The movie premiered in theaters in 2011, yet the couple didn’t start their relationship until 2014 confirming rumors in high profile social events of the year. After a couple of months dating, the couple married on February 2015 on Depp’s private island in the Bahamas.

The couple faced criminal charges of 10 years in jail and a media scandal after Heard brought her dogs illegally to Australia. Both Depp and Heard issued a video apologizing for their actions. The video went viral on social media and had been mocked even by the couple itself.

Charges dropped after the couple made the public apology with a one-month good behavior bond of $1,000.

In their one-year marriage, different sources have rumored the couple’s strange and turbulent relationship. Allegedly, both of the stars could go days without talking to each other after constant fights.

Heard was also rumored to lead a bad relationship with Depp’s, who thought the actress was a “gold digger,” and had at least two sitdowns with the actress to remove tensions between them.

It is yet to be seen who the lawsuit against Depp develops and whether he will respond to the domestic abuse accusations.

Source: People Magazine