Amazon Fire TV’s newest interface is rolling out today. According to Amazon, it will offer a more “cinematic” on-screen experience for the Fire TV users. This update allows us to have a faster access to content.

Some say this new interface makes Fire TV look a lot alike Netflix. It was expected for this fall after Amazon released its Fire TV stick. This update will make it easier to find videos, photos, and music. The new UI even makes suggestions about what to watch next. As well, people can arrange the apps according to their preferences.

The new interface of the Fire TV will look very close to Netflix’s. Image Credit: Joe’s Daily

A more “cinematic” experience

Amazon’s fire TV are two generation of digital media players and micro-consoles that stream digital content to a high definition television. The first generation was released in April 2014 in the U.S Territory. The second was released in 2015 with an improved processor speed and 4k UHD support.

Instead of bringing a new generation of the Fire TV for this season, Amazon preferred to make some improvements to its current product through an update that was released today.

Amazon has called it a “more cinematic” experience. Now it is the new interface the thing we will always see when we use the Fire TV, except when we are watching a video. The whole Fire TV interface was redesigned to find apps, videos, and music in an easy and quicker way.

As well, the UI allows users to find their favorite apps and videos easier. We also will be getting suggestions about what to watch next, in case we don’t see to have a clue. Just like Netflix, we will have rows of thumbnails we can scroll through when we want to find something to watch.

As well, this new interface allows users to take control of one of the rows. ‘Your apps and games’ row is located on the home-screen, and it can be customized to include our favorite apps, just by using the remote.

Pre-installed apps and other futures

Fire TV didn’t include pre-installed amazon apps such as Amazon Music. Now, with this new UI Amazon Music, Amazon Photos and Freetime will be preinstalled so we don’t have to install them ourselves.

Another interesting thing that has been included in this update is the fact that Amazon is pulling in content from third parties such as HBO and Netflix. So users will also see the recommendations made by these companies on Fire TV home-screen. HBO and Netflix will have their own row.

There is another change regarding the navigation in the Fire TV. Before it was off to the left side of the screen, it was changed to be on top, this makes it easier for Amazon to show videos it is featuring.

This new interface is all about making it easier for people to use Fire TV, even the kids. Because of this, Amazon is also recommending parents to turn on the PIN protect app. As well, there are accessibility enhancements for customers with hearing or visual impairments.

For example, the FIRE TV will voice out details about the items when the users pause for a short while. These new improvements are also available for the second generation of the Fire TV.

Source: Slash Gear