BELFAST, Northern Ireland – Adele started a world tour Monday night at the SSE Arena Belfast, announcing it was her first time in a full arena. She admitted she had been really nervous and that anxiety had caused her to have “severe bowel movements”. Still, the Northern London best-selling singer gave a brilliant show full of humor and tons of emotions.

The 27-year old artist was scared of arenas. She had once headlined in an arena, but it was divided to half capacity after she freaked out because of the larger booking. However, in Belfast she said she could get used to it.

“They told me not to talk for three songs so my nerves could calm a little,” Adele admitted to the audience, as reported by the BBC.

Adele started a world tour Monday night at the SSE Arena Belfast. Photo credit: Burberry / 9 News
Adele started a world tour Monday night at the SSE Arena Belfast. Photo credit: Burberry / 9 News

The songs on “21” were about facing a breakup. The hit-maker went from bitterness to loneliness, longing for a reconciliation. But in most of the songs on “25”, Adele is nostalgic for a disappearing youth amid adult responsibilities. In “When We Were Young” fans could see on screen her photos as a girl.

Adele’s explosive personality and transparency make her concerts remain full of humor. Before she performed her Oscar-winning James Bond theme song, “Skyfall”, she mentioned that during the 2013 Academy Awards show, she was with Jennifer Garner pumping milk in the restroom. They were both new mothers by that time.

Wedding proposal

One of the highlights of the show was a surprise for a fan named Neil, who traveled to the SSE Arena from Essex, England. Adele invited his girlfriend Hayley on stage to propose in front of 11,000 people.

Hayley told Adele that Neil had said “maybe” to her marriage proposal earlier that day, and the singer immediately led the audience to chant “Come on, Neil!” The man finally said yes but Adele warned him she would make him the front cover of her DVD if he didn’t do it.

The happily engaged woman later thanked the singer on Twitter, saying Adele had written the words to their love story.

Adele closed the concert with “Rolling in the Deep”, which marked the top of an outstanding return to touring after a hemorrhaged vocal cord forced her to prematurely end her 2011 tour.

Only in the United States, her 2011 album “21” has sold 11 million copies, while “25”, released in October last year, has sold eight million. Not surprisingly is Adele considered the best-selling musician of this century.

Source: New York Times