On Friday, Tristan Jacobson, a third-grade boy in Springfield, Missouri, decided to set up a $1 lemonade stand for an unusual purpose: earn extra money to help cover the costs of his adoption. With the help of his mom-to-be, the 9-year-old child improved his selling skills throughout the day, hoping to get even closer to being adopted.

Tristan was shy at the beginning and his mom-to-be told KY3 News that she advised him to greet the customers rather than just sit there waiting for them to come. He got used to interact with people and seemed happy to be selling $1 lemonade as part of his adoption process.

Tristan Jacobson with his soon-to-be adoptive mother Donnie Davies on Friday at his lemonade stand on Friday. Credit: News Leader
Tristan Jacobson with his soon-to-be adoptive mother Donnie Davies on Friday at his lemonade stand on Friday. Credit: News Leader

“He thanks them and says, ‘Thank you for supporting our adoption.’ It’s kind of precious”, Donnie Davis told the Springfield News Leader.

She and her husband became Tristan’s kinship guardian when the boy was just 5 years old. “She will be my parent. I’m happy because I have a new mom who loves me”, said the third-grader at Williams Elementary School in Springfield. He had no trouble with the accounting required for his lemonade stand, since math is his favorite subject. The boy said he’s in fractions now and that it’s easy for him.

Davis said Tristan’s biological mother was living a life of drugs and prostitution when she abandoned the little boy on the doorstep of a shelter on a cold January day. Davis said she had been scared, thinking on whether he was hurt and what was going on through his mind.

The paperwork will make things official, but Tristan is already a son to Donnie Davis

The family needs to raise roughly $5,000 for legal and adoption fees. Even though it seems a little far-fetched for $1 lemonades to raise that amount, Tristan is surely doing his part to help fund his adoption. Tristan’s mom-to-be is also helping raise money for the adoption costs with a yard sale of her own. In addition, the Go Fund Me page on behalf of Tristan Jacobson and his quest to be adopted was released on Friday as well.

But they already believe in their hearts that they’re a family. So it’s safe to asume that one of the toughest task for any adoptive family has already been taken care of.  Davis and her husband feel that Tristan is their son and they can’t wait to finish the legal process so the boy can be absolutely sure that he has a real family and that he has their name.

As for him, he said he knows Davis is responsible for taking care of him and that he has the certainty that she’s going to be a terrific mom.

Source: Palm Beach Post