Utah – A 911 operator helps give birth to a woman and save the baby within only two weeks of starting the job. William Kalaher – who was new in 911 – received a panic call in which the couple Shay and Kristin Allred, were about to give birth to their daughter in the car on the Utah highway.

Kristin explained to ABC News that the 911 call began when she felt she had to start pushing, and although they drove quickly to a nearby hospital, she realized something was wrong when the baby wasn’t breathing.

Despite the panic of the call, Kalaher training quickly showed up when he proved to be calm and explained to the woman that it was possible that the baby wasn’t breathing because the umbilical cord was around her neck.

Kristin and Shay Allred welcomed their fourth child into the world on the side of Interstate. Credit: KUTV

Kalaher, who continued to attend the couple until the police and ambulance arrived, told them how they should put the baby to help her breathe, likewise, he explained the husband how he had to tie the umbilical cord.

“He was great…he was good at helping us focus on what was going on,” Allred said. “Having him there helped us focus and this is what we needed to do,” said the father.

Although the couple hasn’t met Kalaher, they are fully grateful for his help in the moment of panic, in which they had the opportunity to have Anne, a girl who was completely healthy and ready to celebrate christmas.

Source: ABC News