Father’s Day is coming up on June 20th, and now is the perfect time to consider what unique gift you can give to show your dad how much you care. Some people think of great gift ideas naturally, but if you struggle to think of the perfect gift, you’re not alone.

7 Unique Father's Day Gifts to Show Dad You Care

With the pandemic claiming the entirety of 2020, many people haven’t had the chance to see their folks for over a year. The opportunity to see your dad and give him a gift will be extra special this year, so be sure you’re putting the right amount of thought into your purchase.

1. Subscription Box

Having a hard time picking out just one item for your dad? How about getting him a subscription box instead, the gift that truly keeps on giving? These nifty little packages contain an assortment of items and are sent to recipients on a regular schedule. There are subscription boxes for almost everything, from clothing to cooking, to hobbies and special interests like comics and sports.

2. Tech Help

While it might not seem like the most exciting gift choice, tech help is probably the most useful option for your father if he has trouble with technology. Why not set up an account with the local computer repair service so that your dad can get any tech-related help he might need as soon as he needs it? If you tend to be the family tech support, this gift can also reduce your stress and leave more time for pleasant conversation.

If your dad’s computer or cell phone is getting a bit old, or there are newer features you think he would benefit from, you can also consider the gift of an upgraded device.

3. Custom Phone Case

With smartphones making their way into everyone’s lives, it’s the perfect time to put a unique twist on the classic gift of a framed family photo and get your dad a custom phone case with a family photo printed on it.

This way, your dad can upgrade his phone protection and have a reminder of his loved ones wherever he goes. Be sure to consider your dad’s hobbies when making your choice: if he enjoys activities like fishing or running, look for waterproof and impact-resistant options.

4. A-Class You Can Take Together

It’s often challenging to find time to spend with family, and the past year has been more difficult than most before. If you haven’t had a chance to spend time with your dad in a while, you can consider signing up for an exciting class that the two of you can take together.

You can learn something fun and useful, with courses exploring topics like woodworking, pottery, and cooking. Focus on a common interest you share with your father or something you’ve both expressed interest in before. Remember that this gift isn’t just about the class. It’s also about the quality time you’ll get to spend together while you learn.

5. A Family History

If your dad is a history buff or takes a particular interest in your family lineage, you can explore your family’s history and genealogy to create a perfect, customized gift. Try talking with close and extended family members to help gather information and resources. You never know who has a collection of amazing photos that you’ve never seen before.

You can also consider purchasing a DNA ancestry kit, so you and your father can explore your distant relatives. You may even be able to connect with them and gather even more information about the history of your family.

6. A Vacation

If taking classes with your dad or meeting up with him this Father’s Day isn’t an option, why not book a vacation trip for him or both of your parents? Staying at home for over a year has taken its toll on the mental health of many people. A vacation might be exactly what your dad needs to take the stress and tension off his mind.

If possible, make it a family trip and take care of the planning yourself. Many parents have spent years managing and planning for their families and will appreciate the opportunity to sit back and let the kids take charge for a change.

7. Whatever He Wants

If none of the ideas mentioned above strike a chord, you can always just ask him what he wants to do on Father’s Day or if there’s something specific that he wants to do. Whether he’s always trying to get everyone to watch a movie they’re not interested in or attempting to persuade the family to go golfing even though he’s the only one who likes it, it can be fun and rewarding to give in once a year and just go with it.

It’s Not About the Price

Many people are in more challenging financial situations right now, but you shouldn’t let that worry you as you shop for your father this year. Any gift you choose is sure to be a hit. At the end of the day, the most important part of your gift isn’t the price tag, it’s how well it shows your dad that you care.