The contemporary achievements in medicine allowed drug testing at the workplace, to find out whether someone used drugs at work recently. Although many people are unemployed and use drugs, there are also the ones who have responsible jobs, but still use different substances to be focused and efficient in their work.

6 Great Tips For Anyone Facing A Drug Test At Work
Martin Lopez

Sometimes, employers have unrealistic expectations from their employees, put strong pressure on them, and give them a bunch of tasks that must be done in the expected time. Different people face pressure in different ways, so many starts to use drugs that improve their energy and give confidence. With drug use, addiction is almost always expected and that habit influences a person’s private life and inevitably works.

For that, many employers use drug tests to check whether people who work for them use any kind of suspicious substances. Employers say that health and security are two basic principles of every responsible working man, and here are some tips for people who are facing drug tests at work.

Be Responsible to Yourself

Although it may seem that drug testing at your work invades your privacy, it actually helps you and your colleagues to remain responsible all the time. The good news is that many drug test products are very efficient and reliable. Drug testing saves you from the temptation of the use of various substances when you feel exhausted. Many people cannot cope with stress well and try to overcome all obstacles using drugs and thinking it is the ultimate solution. Regular controls and tests on drugs significantly reduce this possibility and help you to be more responsible and realistic.

Feel Free to Ask Any Question You Like

Many employees are facing drug testing for the first time, and if you are one of them, feel free to ask any question you want. For instance, ask how the tests will be carried out and what they will look like. Then, you can ask why your superior thought it was necessary and always ask for protection of your privacy. There is nothing to be ashamed about because it could be an ordinary procedure, but take care that you are informed about everything.

Make Sure That Your Superiors Respected the Procedure

With drug testing at work, one of the most important things is that your superiors conducted the procedure properly. First of all, drug testing should be included in their working rules or your contract, all of which you should respect. When appropriate procedures are followed like your privacy and protection of your personality, this testing may seem like an obstacle only to ones who are prone to experiment or use different drugs regularly.

Sometimes, the employer does not want to test all employees, but only those who behave suspiciously and threaten others with their negligence. If the company you work for has regulated such rules, then those tests need to be conducted.

Be Aware of Your Rights

When your employers decide to conduct drug tests, you have to be prepared that they will observe your work and behavior closely. If you are dissatisfied with this decision, you can always look for a statement or contract where it is written and be sure that the procedure is allowed. If you cannot find such a sentence then talk to your employers and fight for your rights. If you cannot solve this problem with them, ask for help from the higher institutions that will protect your rights at work. Do not be confused or afraid of dismissal, because if you prove you were right, your employers will not have the concrete means to fire you.

Stay Informed About the Help That Is Available to Drug Users

A huge amount of support is needed for the ones, who are positive on drug tests. The employers should consider the reasons and change their working conditions if they realize that they caused this situation. Some employers expect their workers to work like robots, to be perfect and always on time.

When a large amount of work presses people, they use drugs to be in shape and thus seriously endanger health. The employers should give some time off for rehabilitation and recovery, for in a supportive and stimulating environment this problem can be solved without severe penalties and rough words.

Do Not Take It Too Personal

People who will be tested at work, often act offended or take this too personally. Do not think that you are accused of something, simply because you’re superior decided to test you on drugs. If you are doing a responsible job or a job where the lives of many people depend on you, there is nothing wrong with these controls.

Accept calmly what is being asked of you, without further argument. If you are aware of your rights, you must be aware of your obligations as well, especially when your employers had negative experiences in the past or with your colleagues. There is always a danger that someone who is under the influence of forbidden substances makes a serious mistake and causes irreparable damage. Of course, you can always refuse to be tested but it carries consequences such as dismissal, especially when your superior has strong reasons to test you.

For many people, any type of required test at work causes tension and stress. People still struggle with prejudices connected with drugs, so they mostly judge the ones who use them, instead of trying to figure out the real reason for that. With understanding and support, from both employers and colleagues, people who face drug problems will find a way to cure and continue with normal lives.