Many various reasons lead to the decision to sell a home. No matter the reason, the process of selling can be long and tedious. When you go into this process with a clear picture of what you need, it will not be as complicated. Below are some tips to consider when selling your house, some of which will make it easier to sell your home.

6 Factors to Consider When Selling Your Home

Gather your paperwork.

You need to have all your legal documents in hand to proceed with the sale. Some of these documents include a title deed, warranty paperwork for your major home systems and roof, instruction manuals, permits and certificates of compliance, instruction manuals, mortgage information, etc. Your solicitor will come in handy in assisting you to know which documents you need and in obtaining some of these documents but more on this later.

Get a professional inspector

You want to get the best value for your house, and this means you need to take care of any major repairs before you put the house up for sale. They will tell you if you have any roof, septic, plumbing, or electrical issues, among other things. Many home sellers are surprised when they have to spend some money on the home selling process, but these costs are necessary for increasing the sale value of the house. Be sure to make all the required repairs.

Chose the agent

The right agent will help you with the city, bank, and county paperwork. They will be responsible for marketing stints, such as putting your house in Multiple Listing Services (MLS) listings such as Movoto. You can find the right agent by attending inspections and auctions. Here you will see the agent’s approach to potential buyers and how they sell. In the interview process, ask about their fees and how they manage their sales campaign. You can provide an extra incentive such as an additional commission if they manage to sell the house at a price above the estimated selling price. An agent can also help you come up with an estimated selling price.

Select the right solicitor or conveyancer.

You should look for a solicitor and an agent concurrently, if possible. The role of a solicitor is to coordinate the legal aspects of the transaction and to oversee the legal transfer of the ownership of the home. The solicitor will receive copies of the legal title and a contract. Most of the work for the solicitor comes when a buyer has been settled on, but their role begins much further. The solicitor also performs a title search where necessary to satisfy the lender and the buyer. The difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor is that the latter is a qualified lawyer while the former specializes in property. A conveyancer may be cheaper, but they won’t help you solve complex legal issues. You can find them through references from a friend, your estate agents, your mortgage broker, a lender or your Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)

Preparing your home.

A lot of cleaning is involved when preparing the home for selling. The first impression is essential, so the first place to begin is with your curb. Consider repainting the house to give it a fresh appearance. If not, you can paint the front door. You can plant some shrubs and colorful flowers to increase the house’s visual appeal. Steam clean carpets and drapes, clean and wipe counters, tables, windowsills, and other visible areas. Remove half of the items from closets and leave the rest organized. Consider removing curtain furnishings for a brighter house. Repaint the walls to neutral colors. This gives potential buyers the ability to envision better the home how they would like it to be.

Depersonalize the space by eliminating any keepsakes, family photos, personal items, and bold artwork and furniture. The kitchen appearance is essential, and you can consider putting in new cabinet hardware or tabletops. If necessary, the realtor can offer suggestions for a staging company. If you have any pets, consider removing them from the house during showings if some potential buyers don’t fancy pets. Also, conduct a smell test by inviting a third party to ensure there are no lingering scents such as pet smells or kitchen odor. Always be prepared for a showing by keeping the house clean.

Price it right

The best recommendation is to have the property appraised the shave off the price by 15-20 %. If you are selling during peak season such as spring, potential buyers might try to outbid each other and drive the price even higher.

With this process complete, give the house enough time to find a buyer. Give yourself every advantage you can by following these steps when you are looking to sell your home, and you will not regret it.