A massive, bloated, sea creature was found on Friday morning on one of Indonesia’s isles.

The animal measures around 50 feet long. Asrul Tuanakota, who first found the creature, initially though it was a stranded boat. Asrul’s neighbors called out on the government to dispose of the creature, as it’s beginning to rot and its stench may shortly become unbearable.

50-feet-long sea creature found rotting on Indonesian beach
A 50-feet-long creature found on an Indonesian beach. Image credit: Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu.

A sea monster yet to be identified

Apparently, the creature has been lying on Hulung Beach for three days, according to local news media. It is located down in Serum Island, within the Maluku province. News outlets claim that it is the case of a giant squid, although at first, it did not show any features that made it identifiable. Others suggest that it was a humpback whale.

Finally, an official of the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries identified from the photo that it is some type of sperm whale. He says that it is identifiable due to tits size and bone structure. The reason it looked like a squid is because of its state of decomposition, which made it look as if it had sharp external teeth due to its jaw being dislocated, and its tentacles, which would instead be its intestines coming out of its mouth.

50-feet-long sea creature found rotting on Indonesian beach
Image credit: Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu.

But still, the identification does not appear to be entirely accurate, as officials are just now performing field studies to analyze the beast.

Eventually, the creature will have to be removed from the beach, as it is releasing toxins that are killing nearby fish and plants. Authorities report that the stench can be smelled from a distance of 500 meters.

Two similar events occurred recently in Great Britain.

In March, a 35-feet whale was spotted on the beach in Devon, near Hartland Quay. People were warned to stay away from the whale because its belly filled up with gas and was prone to explode at any moment. Furthermore, rotting animals can infect nearby waters and transmit diseases.

“Whales can carry lots of diseases which can be passed on to humans so we would advise members of the public not to get too close. It is also worth reminding people that it is illegal to remove any part of a whale which has washed up, so please keep your distance,” stated Cheryl Fan Daerden from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue to DailyStar News.

In February, a long creature was found in Charleston. It appeared to be a pilot whale, although nearby fishers claimed that it was the Morgawr, a mythical sea creature that omens inclement weather and failed fishing seasons. Stories tell that the Morgawr was first seen during World War I after a German submarine sunk a British ship. Eventually, the Cornwall Wildlife Trust confirmed that the creature was no more than a simple dolphin.

The sea harbors creatures that are yet to be discovered. Just in 2016 through 2017, a handful of species have been identified, and each one of them is weirder than the last. It is worth to say that although we have explored most of the Earth’s surface, we still know little about what hides within the deepest reaches of the ocean.

Source: Jakarta Globe