A wedding is not another social function where you have a get-together with your friends and family and post that everyone gets back on with their lives. A wedding is one of the most critical moments of a person’s life. It is the day you make promises to your partner to stick together throughout the journey of life, to take care of each other in sickness, health, sorrow, and happiness. So naturally, it is a day to remember and cherish for a lifetime. Hence recording it is very important.

5 Wedding Video Ideas To Cherish Forever

Let’s take a look into five wedding video ideas that will last a lifetime

1. Save the date video

Gone are those days when sending a card for “save the date” purposes was enough. Though it can do the work just fine, not do something more creative and unique? After all, it is a special occasion. You can shoot a personalized video for requesting your guest to save the day just in a movie style. You can personally feature your partner and yourself in it. Or you can take inspiration from anywhere according to your preference. Just imagine watching this save the date video years after your wedding and getting to relive all those excitements and emotions while preparing for your big day.

2. Mixed media style

It isn’t dull watching your wedding video in the same style and sequence from the start till the end. It gives a feeling of watching footage from a security camera rather than a wedding day video. Try to mix your video with multiple media styles, ranging from slow-motion, grainy footage, documentary-style, cinematic style, etc. The best part is you don’t need to edit them in real-time, you can add all such effects in the later stage as well. Make sure you ask your video maker to use a reliable video editor like Video Creek so that you can have an uncompromised quality of the footage. Using this method will bring a different outlook to the whole wedding tape and will be worth cherishing for a lifetime. Try to record the feelings of your parents, siblings, and friends; capture their emotions for your big day, their wishes, and carefully edit them in a proper sequence. It will be an enjoyable experience to watch the final version.

3. Pre-wedding activities

A wedding is not only about just the day of the wedding. Preparations for various things start way ahead of the actual wedding date. There are lots of Activities at pre-wedding like choosing the venue, selecting the wedding card designs, wedding dress, rings, wedding cakes, decorations, dinner rehearsals, and whatnot. There are a lot of efforts and thoughts that go out in all these activities, so it is worth recording these events, and it is worth putting them into the actual wedding video as well. Use a slideshow maker and give a glimpse of the reactions when you found the dress, cake, and ring of your choice in the wedding video.

Doing so will add value to the whole wedding tape, and you will be able to document every emotion that was a part of your big day. Just think how many trips to the jewelry store and how many rings you’ve rejected before finalizing your actual wedding ring? So isn’t it important to document all these activities and add them to the main video? I guess you are saying a big YES, while you are reading this article!!

4. Wedding Proposal Video

Just try to imagine the surge of adrenaline you will have while preparing to propose your better half, the excitement in your partner’s eyes when you’ll say those magical words, and how your heart will skip a beat when you hear a YES. Are these moments not worth cherishing forever, just like the wedding? Of course, yes, so why not record them and add them to the main wedding video too? After all, this is the actual moment you got each other.

Make sure you record your proposal scene so that your family, friends, and partner can cherish your big moments along with you. Plan a surprise proposal and hire a videographer so that you get to record this magical moment, and trust me, you will never regret the decision. Click the best pictures and use any video creation tools to convert all images to a video and make a beautiful video invitation. Make sure to use a good and reliable invitation maker to properly edit this footage, and you can make it a part of your wedding invitation. Imagine how creative and cool it is going to be when your guests receive a digital invitation containing your proposal scenes.

5. Documentary style

The documentary-style is the last and most important idea for the wedding video. You can incorporate this particular style in your wedding video to capture the atmosphere’s essence during your wedding day. Try to record the feelings, actions, laughter, drama, and excitement of all the people around you who will be a part of your wedding like the bridesmaid, groomsman, parents, kids, etc. All the reactions of everyone around you will help you relive your wedding day whenever you see your wedding video. And try to capture the candid moments as well.

Apart from that make sure you instruct your videographers in advance about the type of footage you are looking for so that the outcome turns out to be what you expected. If you want to keep the humor in the greenroom alive forever, make sure your videographer records the bride and groom’s activities and atmosphere. Keep all the jokes, light-hearted laughter in your wedding video, so that you and your family can cherish all the precious happenings of the wedding day for years to come.


You can pick up the style that will suit your taste for your wedding video or mix and match with multiple styles. This is going to be you and your partners, one of the most memorable days. So enjoy every second of it to the fullest, live every minute of the day with enough excitement. When you look back to the memories, a broad smile should come on your face. All the best!