It is natural to sweat a little during the summer months. In some people, however, the sweating is far too excessive. This is actually a disease. Not many people are aware of it but it actually happens to 5% of the people worldwide, they tend to sweat 4-5% more than normal even when there’s no direct reason for sweating so much. This disease is called Hyperhidrosis. This disease can be treated by utilizing the process of Iontophoresis. You can choose to do Iontophoresis at a doctor’s chamber or you can choose to do it at home utilizing dermadry, which is an Iontophoresis machine.

5 Ways To Stay Dry This Summer

There are other ways of ensuring dry skin during the summer months as well. They are as follows:

  1. Using deodorants- Using deodorants is one of the most effective ways of making sure that your skin stays dry. It may sound unusual to apply deodorants to your body before you go to bed. But it actually works. In order for antiperspirants to work effectively, it has to reach the sweat glands inside the body. Once the antiperspirant reaches the body’s sweat glands, it blocks them. During the nighttime, when the body is at rest and there are fewer chances of sweating, the major part of the antiperspirant applied gets soaked into the body which helps in keeping the body dry during the day by causing you to sweat less.
  2. Avoid Spicy food- If you consume spices during the summer months, it could make you sweat a lot more. Spicy foods contain a chemical called Capsaicin which increases the temperature of the body. The body then starts sweating in an effort to decrease the temperature. Although eating spicy food is quite fun during the summer seasons, you should avoid it if you want to stay dry. It is likely to make you sweat dramatically more. If you eat a lot of spicy food throughout the year, then you might be able to tolerate the heat of the spices a little more than the average person, but if your intention is not to sweat at all then it would be wise to not eat spicy food throughout the summer months.
  3. Caffeine and sweat- Despite what people may tell you, coffee can make you sweat. It is not at all uncommon to find people who sweat after drinking coffee. Not only coffee, anything that has caffeine in it can cause you to sweat. Neurotransmitters by the name of acetylcholine which are present in the brain can be activated by caffeine-containing substances. These are able to affect the glands that are responsible for sweating and thus may cause you to sweat more after you’ve had it. If you decrease your caffeine intake you’ll be able to decrease your chances of sweating.
  4. Anxiety- Anxiety is one of the things that can cause you to sweat a lot. You can try meditation to keep your sweating under control. If you’re not anxious, the chances of your sweating can go down.
  5. Do not apply deodorant right after showering- You shouldn’t apply deodorants right after you’ve showered. You should rather dry your whole body off with a towel and afterward apply the deodorant.

These are a few things that will help you keep your sweating low during the summer.