If you’re thinking about applying to medical school, there’s one standardized test that’s likely on your radar right now: the Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT).

5 Tips to Improve Your GAMSAT Score for a Successful Medical School Application

This test can be difficult to prepare for and even harder to do well on. While it may be possible to self-study, that path can take years of dedication and sacrifice compared to taking a GAMSAT practice test or signing up for an expert course.

So, if you’re wondering how to optimize your GAMSAT score, here are five steps to help ensure success.

1. Start Studying Early

Studying for the GAMSAT is not just about cramming or learning specific content. Although both of these strategies can help in some circumstances, they’re not going to be as helpful on their own as you may think.

It’s more important that you have adequate time and conditions. In other words, make sure you can start studying early and have a quiet place where you can do that comfortably.

And remember: More isn’t necessarily better; quantity of content doesn’t mean the quality of content. The most effective way to master concepts is through repeated practice rather than brute force memorization. It’s important to remember that the GAMSAT exam is not designed to test your recall of content – Instead, the GAMSAT focuses on testing your reasoning and critical thinking skills, both attributes both developed through repeated practice.

2. Have a Schedule

The GAMSAT is unlike any other test you’ve ever taken. You have to think carefully about your pacing, your use of time, and how you’re going to react in what are likely going to be high-pressure circumstances.

The best way to ensure you’re successful is by planning ahead and having a schedule so that even if you do come under some stress, it won’t throw off your performance. A little forethought goes a long way! Plan your study regularly so that you can work consistently but also aim to avoid any potential burnout – Preparing for the GAMSAT can take months, and without a strong schedule, you can quickly find yourself losing the motivation to study.

3. Know Where to Get Help

If you’re not confident in your abilities, there’s no shame in getting help. A great first step is to reach out to someone who has already been through medical school admissions.

These people can provide valuable advice about what their experience was like and what they wish they had known before applying.

Even if they aren’t able to give you tips, most are eager to connect with aspiring students and love sharing their own experiences with other people interested in medicine.

4. Go Through Practice Tests

Study in blocks rather than continuously and allow yourself sufficient time between tests to gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses as well as how you can improve on areas of concern. Try not to take too many practice tests in one sitting, so you should aim for no more than 3 to 4 in one day.

This will allow you some time away from studying in order to reflect on what you’ve learned from each GAMSAT practice test before tackling another one. Completing practice tests is also highly important in getting you ready for the time pressure of the exam and will help you hone your exam-taking strategies – When to move on to the next question, how to spread your time out, and how to make sure you’re completing as many questions as possible, as accurately as possible.

5. Enroll in a GAMSAT Course

Once you feel like you’ve mastered all of your material and feel confident enough in your abilities that you know you can retain knowledge effectively, it’s time to take your study game up a notch.

GAMSAT preparation tutors are always an option to consider if you want to ensure success – They can help you with expert advice and personal experience on sitting the GAMSAT and help you finalize your preparation by helping you work on key skills and sharing their exam tips and tricks…


For many of us, the pursuit of a potential medical school place can the school takes priority over everything else, even (and especially) our social lives. Studying for the GAMSAT is hard enough already – why not do it smartly?

Start off with a high-quality GAMSAT prep course, continue your preparation with the five tips discussed above, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

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