Fish, dogs, and cats are the top pets in the United States, and 36 percent of these loveable friends are dogs.

5 Steps To Take So Your Pet Can Become Instagram Famous

People of all generations fall in love with these companions because they are adorable and are comforting when there are stressful days.

Animals love their owners because they are the only source for healthy food and unconditional love.

Instagram users from all over are sharing the love of their pets by creating pages specifically for them.

Sponsored posts on the pet’s Instagram page can earn more than $15,000 for each one. To get a better reach, you can buy real active Instagram followers and increase visibility.

It’s your time to start making some of the money with your forever friend.

1. Create A Pet Profile

You already have your profile set up, and it did not take and hard work, so setting up the pet’s account will be just as easy.

Start with the pet’s name when creating the page. You want everyone to know who the star of the show.

If the pet is a golden retriever, find a way to add that into the account name, so when people search, they can find the companion easily.

Bio’s tell a little story about your pet. Potential followers will enjoy reading about the life of a 6month old puppy or a 4-year-old fish.

The user name and bio are to be intriguing, and you can add icing to the cake with a funny profile picture.

2. Snap Pictures and Videos

There is no need for an expensive photographer for photos and videos of your dog.

The mobile device you used to set up the profile has a camera with all the features that Instagram’s platform has to offer.

The middle tab at the bottom of the screen is the way to add photos and videos. There is a plus sign in the middle of a square box, and there you can snap away.

Before posting the pictures, you have the option to edit the images with cropping, text, and filters.

The tools that Instagram offers users will provide high-quality pictures and images to share with followers.

3. Go Live With Your Pet

Starting a live stream is just as easy as recording a video or capturing a photo.

You can begin a live video by swiping right on your feed, and then on the last row swipe right until you see text that says live.

Pets that are new users have the same amount of camera time as a pet that has been on Instagram since 2010.

Use the 60 minutes to share what your pets eat on a typical day, how they react when they want attention, or them showing off their latest fashion trends.

4. Share Adorable Posts

By this time, you probably have your gallery full of photos and videos, but no wits time to choose the best one because there are 9 million photos on Instagram, and you don’t want your best friend to be left out.

This social media platform allows users to place up to 10 photos on one post; you still only want to put the best.

Along with the ten photos, you can also add up to 30 hashtags. With the variety of hashtags, your pet will be sure to get followers who think he is just as adorable as you do.

Memes are really viral at the moment, and several account holders are opening their imaginations and sharing some funny quotes from their pets. Or at least what they think their pet is be saying.

Followers will share those memes, and currently, there are roughly 30 accounts on Instagram who generate and share memes.

5. Respond Frequently On Instagram

When you see now followers on your pet’s page, do not be afraid to say hello or thank them for the follow.

Some followers may have questions about how you bathe the pet, their lifespan, or what type of diet you use to keep their coat healthy.

Instagrammers want answers, and they are relying on real account holders to answer them.

In no time, people will depend on your pets page for a daily dose of laughter or information that can be lifechanging for their pets.

Let Pets Receive Attention Too

You may ponder, why do pets seek attention? You know the answers are because they love you and its in their nature.

They will no longer steal the show on your primary account unless they are showing their face for a cameo appearance.

Your pet will make it to the top of pet pages as long as you do all they work, but believe it will pay off.

You and your pet will have the opportunity to become an Instagram nano-influencer one you reach between one and five thousand users.