Five people lost their lives during a shooting at a car wash in Melcroft, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. The police haven’t found the motives of the attack. Among the victims, there were three men and two women.

The police found the four bodies early Sunday. The shooting took place at Ed’s car wash in the Melcroft community of Saltlick Township, which is about 55 miles (89 kilometers) southeast of Pittsburgh. The identity of the victims has not been disclosed yet.

Pennsylvania, Shooting in Melcroft, Five dead in Fayette County, Five killed in car wash Pennsylvania
Five people died in a car wash in Pennsylvania. Image credit: Newsweek

“Victims have not been identified yet, we have no idea what has really taken place here this evening, this morning. So, it’s early on in the investigation. That’s pretty much all I can provide for you at this time,” said Robert Broadwater of the Pennsylvania State Police.

The police is trying to know if the shooter is among the dead

5 of the victims died at the car wash during a shooting that probably happened before 3 a.m in the morning on Sunday. Another one was injured when the police arrived at the scene. That victim was taken to a hospital. There is no further information about that person’s state. Two of the victims were found dead inside of a pickup truck. The others were outside in the parking lot of the car wash.

Three vehicles were taken from the location, two pickup trucks, and a sedan. A source said that the shooter used a semi-automatic rifle, but this wasn’t confirmed by the police.

All the victims were between their 20’s to their early 30’s.

Pennsylvania, Shooting in Melcroft, Five dead in Fayette County, Five killed in car wash Pennsylvania
Five people were found dead in a car wash in Melcroft, Pennsylvania. Police are trying to figure out the motives behind the shooting. image credit: ABC News

A domestic dispute

The authorities don’t know what exactly happened and the reasons for the shooting. They are trying to determine if the shooter was among the dead people. According to one state police detective, the killer is probably among the five bodies, but they don’t know if he shot himself. One victim was wearing body armor.

According to the family of the victims, the shooting was due to a domestic dispute. This hasn’t been confirmed by the authorities. Trooper Robert Broadwater said there weren’t signs of drug activity in the scene.

“We don’t know how this happened or why this happened yet,” Broadwater said.

The authorities said there is no danger for the people at this time.

Source: HuffPost