Brew your coffee in style with coffee maker. With a coffee maker—also known as a coffee machine—you have a machine that can give you the coffee you want. However, for the best-brewed coffee, you need a quality coffee. Plus, you need a coffee maker type that can satisfy your coffee brewing needs. So, when shopping around for a reliable, durable, and effective coffee maker, determine the type that suits your 4explicit needs. The following are 5 types of coffee machines you should know before making your purchase.

Home Expresso Coffee Machine

Filter Coffee Maker

Ideal for both home and offices—the filter based coffee maker is a plan as well as simple. Plus, this type of coffee maker can be used to brew coffee on a 24-7 basis—making it a perfect choice for those looking to make coffee in their homes or offices on a 24-hour basis. Even more, this coffee maker is a perfect choice if you have a large group of people needed coffee all day. So, if simple, unfussy black coffee is your thing, consider purchasing this type of coffee maker.

Bean-to-cup Machines

Looking to brew coffee using coffee beans? Well, you have a solution in the bean-to-cup machine. The working principle of this machine is simple: it grinds the beans and pours your coffee automatically. You are only needed to put the beans into the machine, add water, and then press it to start button. It a matter of minutes you have your coffee. Plus, you don’t have to clean the machine—especially during coffee shots. The machine is simple to use and hassle-free making it an ideal home coffee brewing machine.

Manual Espresso Machine

If you’re a fan of coffee and can’t possibly settle for anything else, you may want to purchase a manual espresso machine. This way, you’ll be able to produce different blends- from cappuccino and espresso to ristretto. However, you’ll have to perform all tasks manually, which may involve grinding the coffee and steaming the milk.

Cuisinart DCC-3200

Cuisinart coffee makers are some of the best machines you may want to invest in. They’re designed with advanced technology that ensures you always get hot coffee without compromising on quality and flavor.

In the Cuisinart DCC-3200 coffee maker, for instance, there’s a brew-strength control feature that enables you to select between the bold as well as regular flavors.

If you’d like to personalize the flavor or taste of your coffee, the Cuisinart 3200 can be an incredible option for you. Plus, this coffee machine can be programmed for 24 hours, meaning that you’ll just wake up to a ready, hot drink. Moreover, this unit comes with a self-cleaning feature so you won’t have to waste time cleaning over and over. There’s also an automatic shut-off option, which makes things even simpler and more exciting.

Capsule/ Pod Machines

The capsule coffee machine is another popular option. Most people prefer it because you don’t necessarily need coffee knowledge in order to use it. Plus, it’s simple and comes in numerous styles and designs. Each capsule or pod features an exact amount of coffee, and you can always buy the one with your preferred flavor and strength.

So, if you want a hassle-free coffee-making experience, let this coffee make it the top of your shopping list. However, it’s important to note that the cost of each capsule or pod is quite higher.

To help you decide which one will look best in your kitchen, we’ve compared Jura’s range to give you a definitive list of the best Jura coffee machine. All that’s left to do is decide which one to treat yourself to.

Factors to Consider

When shopping around for a coffee making machine, there are certain aspects you should take into consideration:

Number of Cups

This is very important. Know exactly how many cups of coffee you’d like to brew in a given period of time. You don’t want to purchase something that won’t make enough coffee for your family at a go. So choose wisely. But if you live by yourself, purchasing a single serving machine or one that brews a few cups of coffee is a great deal.


When it comes to coffee making, certain machines require little time whereas others take quite long to complete the brewing. If you’re the kind of person who always wakes up late and wants ready-to-go coffee, purchasing a programmable coffee maker is a cool idea. Imagine waking up to the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee daily? Amazing, right? So, when buying a coffee maker, time is something you may want to seriously ‘consider.

However, if you’re in so much hurry, getting a machine that requires a bit of process isn’t bad.

Brew Strength

Some coffee makers come with a brew-strength control feature that allows you to customize your cup of coffee while others can be limiting. Therefore, it’s always important to determine the brew strength of a coffee-making machine before making any purchases. Remember, the quality of the drink you take is an integral part of your happiness, so be keen to look out for this feature. Settle for a model that gives you the flexibility to regulate the strength of your brew and have a fun drinking experience.


Different coffee makers come with different pricing plans. And you definitely want something that won’t break your bank. These prices are based on an extensive range of features that manufacturers have incorporated into their designs so as to attract customers. It’s easy to get moved by an attractive machine and end up spending lots of money. So, set a budget and go specifically for the coffee maker you need. Having a budget in kind will push you to start saving for your preferred unit if you hadn’t already or prevent you from overspending.

The Bottom-Line

Coffee making can be exciting—especially if you get it right. And making the best coffee starts with having the best coffee maker. Therefore, when purchasing your coffee maker ensure you get a quality one. Also, determine the type of coffee maker you need. Purchase from a reputable brand like Additionally, know the factors to consider when making your purchase. Doing so will ensure you get a coffee maker that suits your needs.