If you’re looking for ways to feel better physically and mentally, you’re probably going to look for herbal supplements at some point. Herbs are a great place to start when your focus is on natural remedies rather than pharmaceutical drugs.

5 Herbal Supplements That Can Help Your Emotional and Physical Health

Here’s a list of several natural herbal supplements that can help you get more energy, clarity, and boost your mood.

  1. Kratom

You may have heard about kratom by now. Kratom comes from the leaves of a Southeast Asian plant called Mitragyna Speciosa. This plant is part of the coffee family, but unlike the coffee fruit, kratom’s beneficial properties are contained within the leaves.

Kratom has been used for centuries by indigenous people in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia. People report the following benefits:

  • General pain relief
  • Musculoskeletal pain relief
  • More energy
  • Feeling better emotionally, less anxiety

Kratom is traditionally used sparingly as a medicinal herb because of its potent nature. However, like any substance, you need to be sure you buy only the purest powders, as some products are contaminated with heavy metals. You can get high-quality kratom online from reputable businesses

Just be sure to check with your doctor before trying kratom. While many people report positive benefits, side effects can be intense.

  1. St. John’s Wort

Also known as Hypericum Perforatum, St. John’s Wort is a European flowering shrub. The active ingredient in this herbal remedy is hyperforin and is extracted from the leaves and flowers.

According to Johns Hopkins, research has shown St. John’s Wort to be effective at treating mild to moderate depression, menopausal symptoms, and somatic symptom disorder.

Like any substance, no matter how natural it is, always consult your doctor before trying something new. Taking St. John’s Wort for an extended period of time or in large doses can lead to serious side effects.

St. John’s Wort helps thousands of people across the world, but it does interact with a high number of medications. For example, it interacts with antidepressants, barbiturates, chemo drugs, statins, contraceptives, and more. Always consult your doctor before taking this herb.

  1. Lemon balm

Lemon balm will make you feel rejuvenated. It’s a little tart, so you’ll probably want to get a tincture you can drop under your tongue or add to a smoothie. If you don’t mind the flavor, you can add some drops to a glass of water.

People use lemon balm for:

  • Anxiety
  • Indigestion
  • Stress

Although there are no conclusive scientific studies to support using the lemon balm to reduce stress and anxiety, it’s possible people benefit from simply having a hot cup of tea. However, lemon balm has a sedative effect, so the benefits are probably caused by a combination of heat and the actual lemon balm extract.

You can always grow your own lemon balm – it’s a perennial herb in the mint family. It’s easy to grow and will proliferate wherever it pops up. Lemon balm can look a lot like mint, but the tops of the leaves are lighter and can sometimes appear yellow. The leaves smell like lemon, so there’s no mistaking whether it’s mint or lemon balm!

  1. Cannabis

It seems hard to believe that people are still hesitant to try cannabis, but it’s really a wonderful way to relax. In moderation, cannabis can relieve pain, fight cancer, alleviate depression, and more.

Although cannabis is a natural plant, it’s federally illegal in the United States. If your state has a medical cannabis program, you can apply for a card to legally buy, own, and use cannabis. If you have a qualifying condition, it’s worth getting. Regardless of the main reason you’re using cannabis, it will relieve your entire nervous system and eliminate aches and pains you didn’t even realize you had.

  1. CBD oil

Unlike cannabis, CBD oil is federally legal as long as it gets extracted from industrial hemp and not marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana are forms of the cannabis plant, but only industrial hemp has a low amount of THC (0.3% or less). CBD products must not contain more than 0.3% THC to be legal.

CBD oil has been used for decades to treat anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and even several medical conditions like seizures and cancer.

Nature has solutions for every ailment

While it’s easy to get a prescription for every ailment you’re dealing with, try looking to nature first. Nature has solutions for just about everything we could possibly need, with the exception of emergency medicine, of course. Even if a natural remedy doesn’t work out in the end, it’s worth giving nature a chance.