Amid the ongoing growing concern for the environment, countless individuals and businesses alike strive to make better decisions that won’t harm the environment. And it’s pretty imperative that we all do so, especially when considering that science predicts the death of the planet within our lifetime, that is if drastic change is not adopted on a global scale within the next decade.

5 Actions Businesses Can Adopt To Help Fight Climate Change
Patrick Hendry

So, even though the concern is factually frightening, there is still hope that the population as a collective can turn back the clocks by giving the planet the time it so desperately needs to heal itself. And in doing so, striving for zero emissions has become the global goal.

And while individuals can be kind to the environment by making decisions to shop around for greener energy providers, adjusting daily eating habits, buying strategically, avoiding harmful plastics, to name only a few, businesses can drop their emissions with other approaches.

To help your business lend a hand towards saving the planet, we’ve listed five actions that you can adopt.

Switch To Diesel Alternatives

HVO fuel is an alternative fuel for use in modern diesel engine vehicles. And because most businesses use copious amounts of diesel fuel as a general standard, whether to heat and cool the premises, keep generators going through power outages, or keep your fleet on the roads.

So, switching to HVO fuel for all your diesel engines is a change that will have a notable impact on the environment. And even though HVO fuel is slightly more expensive than regular diesel, it’s really a small price to pay for the result of a healthier planet.

That said, when purchasing HVO fuel, you can buy in bulk to save, and you may even be entitled to tax benefits from the government to applaud you for your positive changes. Many governments are working to encourage businesses and individuals to make specific notable changes and offer tax incentives as motivation.

Switch To Energy Efficient Office Equipment

Modern office equipment is usually energy efficient as a new general standard. So, if your office equipment is somewhat outdated, deciding to upgrade your equipment will have a massively positive impact on the environment and help you reduce your premises’ power bill as a direct result.

There are a few relevant benefits to upgrading your office equipment, which includes boosted productivity, ease of use, higher-quality documents, and, of course, energy efficiency. So, this will be a valuable decision for your business.

Reduce Waste

Almost every kind of business out there has some sort of waste percentage. However, reducing waste has become imperative, if not to reduce your business expenses but also to save the planet. And there are several waste reduction strategies out there that will help you achieve this new common business goal.

Better assessing business processes can achieve reduced waste to identify areas where waste can be minimized, reused, recycled, or even sold to businesses that can make use of your waste.

How you reduce waste is almost irrelevant, although it is vital that you do as it will help your business get one step closer to minimizing your company’s carbon footprint.

Optimize Transportation For Employees

While it would be great if all drivers could afford electric vehicles, we can only realistically expect to see more electric and green vehicles on the roads in a few years. That said, how your employees get to work and back is also contributing to the size of your company’s carbon footprint.

So, instead of overlooking how your employees travel to and from work, you should find ways of optimizing this detail. You could allow your employees to work remotely from home when it’s relevant or enable certain employees to adopt remote roles.

What’s more, you could also encourage a carpool or, if your business has the available funds, invest in an electric vehicle that will carpool employees to work and back.

Switch To Sustainable Suppliers

If your business is relying on suppliers that are not sustainable, you will still be lending a hand towards promoting climate change and ignoring the crisis. This is the exact reason so many consumers are switching to sustainable retailers and service providers, as they hope to make a notable change.

So, switching to sustainable suppliers is another means of reducing your carbon footprint and helping to protect the planet. And when switching suppliers, you may even find quality improvements on your products or services, or even lower costs on some supplies and save on your expenses as a result.

Every step your business takes to reach for zero emissions, and a smaller carbon footprint will have a massive impact on the environment.