Creating a corporate video is a fantastic way to raise your company’s profile and to get your message across to your customers. And in a social media and content obsessed society, video content is absolutely essential to your search engine optimization and can significantly boost your user retention and conversion rates.

4 Things You Must Include in Your Next Corporate Video

But simply having a corporate video isn’t enough. You need to be creative in every aspect to connect with your target audience. For instance, you can use online TTS software to add different voices in different languages. This will help you in connecting with a larger audience around the globe. In a world where every decent company is creating video content, you need to ensure that your video is perfectly on-point and able to deliver the results you need. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at 4 key things your video must have in order to succeed.

1. Personality

Today’s customers want to engage with the brands and companies they use. Whether you manufacture toilet brushes, run a management consultancy firm or do anything in between, creating a relationship with your customers is key.

Your video content, therefore, needs to have a sense of personality so that viewers can engage with it emotionally. Whether it’s humor, honesty or a mix both, you need to create a video that truly reflects your business’ culture.

2. A clear message

Thanks to a culture of instant gratification created by a little-known beast called ‘the internet’, modern customers have a relatively low attention span. They, therefore, need to be hooked instantly or they will click away to another video or website. Your video, therefore, needs to have a clear message and able to get straight to the point. In order to achieve this, you need to know exactly what you want to say before you even begin the filming process.

3. A strong call to action

Calls to action are a staple in the marketing industry and for very good reason. Whilst it’s great to have people viewing your video, you will inevitably want them to take action afterward. Whether it’s buying your product, signing up to your newsletter, following you on Instagram, giving you a call or simply sharing your video on social media there needs to be an action that helps to propel your business forward.

You, therefore, need to make sure that you display a clear call to action at the end of your video to instruct people of the next step you wish them to take. You should also make it as easy as possible for viewers to take this action. If you want them to head to your website, display a hyperlink they can click on. If you want them to call you, display the phone number clearly and make it a hyperlink so that mobile users can call directly. Whatever it is, it needs to be as easy as possible for your customers to take action.

4. Professional production values

Achieving points 1-3 may sound simple enough, but unless you’re a professional video producer, it’s very easy to get off course. To give yourself the best possible chance at success, you need to enlist some professional assistance. A professional video production company can help you with everything from coming up with a concept right through to ensuring that the visual and audio quality of your video is on point.

When selecting a video production company, make sure you select someone local with plenty of experience. So for example, if your business or client base is based in Sydney, choose a company that specializes in video production in Sydney. This will help make sure that your message is communicated with your target audience in mind.


Whilst anybody can pick up a smartphone today and create some kind of video, creating quality content takes a lot more planning and thought. In order for your video to be a success, you need to hire professionals who can help you navigate the entire process from brainstorming and conception right through to the final edit.

Investing a little bit of time and money at the beginning of the process will help make the rest of the production process a lot easier and will ensure that you get the desired results from your customers.