The best gifts are romantic ones that come without any prompting, but choosing that perfect romantic gift for your significant other can be a challenge. The gift needs to show how much you care but also it must be personalized to the receiver. To choose, consider the things your partner loves as well as things that are relevant to your relationship to derive gifts that symbolize the special relationship you share. Here are four romantic gifts, from sentimental to sexy, to help you express your adoration for that special someone.

4 Romantic Gifts Your Special Someone Will Love
Christine Sandu

1. Something Out-of-this-World: A Star

If your beloved is fond of gazing at the night sky, pointing out the constellations, and pondering the mysteries of the universe, then purchasing his or her very own star would be a stellar gift. Since you can’t actually lasso a star and drag it down from the sky, organizations like CosmoNova do the next best thing in offering star registries. For a fee, you can choose an actual star from maps of the solar system and name it. You receive the coordinates of the star so that you and your partner can locate it when stargazing.

2. Something Unique to Their Interests: A Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets originally grew popular as a result of WWII soldiers collecting small trinkets in their journeys to remind them of the places they’d been, the friends they had lost, and the women they had loved, according to a history compiled by The Charm Works. The beauty of the charm bracelet is that charms representing different interests and memories can be added or removed to reflect the owner’s change in mood or values. Today, charms can be found to represent everything from religious ideas to anime series, so you are bound to find one to show your love that you pay attention to their interests or one that symbolizes an interest that the two of you share.

3. Something Symbolic: Long-Lasting Roses

Though standard roses are the epitome of a romance clich√©, several brands of longevity roses have cropped up recently, some boasting vibrant flowers that live up to a year. According to Venus et Fleur, the company utilizes a “proprietary solution” and a process of color pigmentation to maintain the rose’s freshness while offering a variety of vivid colors. These bouquets are customizable and available in an array of arrangements to best suit your significant other’s favored shapes and colors. What better to represent your love than a long-living rose?

4. Something Sexy: Lingerie/Costume

There is no more of a quintessential romantic gift than lingerie. Whether for Halloween or just for play, a sexy costume or seductive piece of lingerie from a site like 3Wishes can make any evening into a special occasion. Choose carefully, though. Consider if your partner would want to feel like someone else for the night with a fun, flirty costume, or would simply prefer a more sultry version of him or herself. The lingerie or costume can also be worn hidden under a coat or robe, or for a sexy private photo shoot.

You don’t need a holiday or an excuse to bestow your beloved with a romantic token of your affection. Though picking the right gift for your love can be a little stressful, if you choose a gift that’s out of this world, one specialized to their interests, one that symbolizes your love, or one that’s fun and sexy, you can feel confident you’re giving your special someone a gift to remember!