Working as a nurse can be very rewarding, but which type of nurse is the best kind? For some nurses, they find the pace of the accident and emergency departments too much. They may prefer when they get a little older to switch to becoming a school nurse, performing checkups and tending to the health of the school children instead. Here are four good reasons to become a school nurse.

4 Reasons to Become a School Nurse

Help Students Manage Chronic Diseases While Attending School

Given that school nurses have many different responsibilities, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that helping students manage chronic disease falls under their remit. This is because even though serious conditions may require an occasional hospital appointment, some students enjoy normal lives while attending regular schools and coping with their chronic disease.

By helping to monitor flare-ups and administer certain treatments, a nurse can assist a pupil in managing their condition. For more information regarding how to become a nurse, and a full list of school nurse responsibilities, check this guide from Global Health.

Fixed Working Hours

The life of a ward nurse is one with shift work that might mean early mornings, late evenings or overnight shifts on a roster. That might be acceptable for a younger person, but it certainly begins to take its toll over the years.

As a career nurse, getting fixed working hours makes it much easier to manage daily life and get sufficient rest. The body clock and circadian rhythms aren’t continually being messed up by going to bed at different times. Night shifts are especially problematic as they can lead to glucose imbalances, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and obesity.

Becoming a school nurse means an end to all that. Hours are fixed with starts at around 8 am and finishes around 3 or 4 pm. Weekends are free, there are longer vacation periods, and no one is ‘on-call’ either.

School Nurses are in Demand

Demand for school nurses is expected to grow by over 15 percent from 2014 through to 2024. When you have studied to become a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse, getting accepted at a school is easier than with a hospital-oriented nursing role.

While it’s often useful to have some further education beyond the bachelor’s degree level, that depends on the requirements of the employer.

Comfortable Salary

While the salaries for nurses who work at hospitals are perhaps the highest in the profession, the flexible schedule and less demanding nature of school nursing balances that out.

The median salary is $48,435 for school nurses; however, you can also make up to $75,000 in this role. The pay difference depends on the school district, qualifications, experience and performance too.

Also, it’s worth appreciating that there are plenty of school holidays reducing the total hours worked. Nurses can take on extra shifts during these extended breaks to increase their total income too.

As you can see, becoming a school nurse is an excellent way to maintain a good income while reducing the hours and stress levels. For current nurses looking to make nursing more manageable for their lifestyle, becoming a school nurse is often a positive move for them.