The 8-bit graphic games are coming back from the grave. If you consider yourself a fan of the always remembered Super Nintendo you will love this new emulator that allows you to play the old video games in 3D by adding two layers one at the back of the screen and one at the front.

An emulator is a program that allows you to play video games on other platforms, this emulator can only translate games from Super Nintendo Entertainment System, it will emulate the game how it used to be on a television but additionally it brings you the same experience but adding 3D images in depth.

Image: 3DNES Emulator
Image: 3DNES Emulator

The developer said that the emulator uses an algorithm which analyses background layers in the Super Nintendo (NES) games in order to find objects that can be converted into 3D shapes. It’s not a flawless process (as you’ll see in the video below), but the project in still very much a work in progress.

Many testers have already tried the emulator, they have been very satisfied but at the same time a bit frightened because sometimes the game’s environment could crash or produce weird wireframes and strange polygons for the main characters and faces, it needs to be taken into consideration that these games were not meant to have depth, therefore, it is understandable if the emulator is still unstable.

Using this emulator is not rocket science

You can run the emulator right now by using the Firefox Browser and go to the following website The site has an option for you to upload a legal NES ROM which is a file containing the game’s data to a cloud, similar to Dropbox and after these simple steps you can start remembering your childhood once again or realize how entertaining games used to be when things were simpler.

Source: Venture Beat