The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA) have announced the outbreaks of Salmonella in 17 states. The outbreak was traced to the consumption of Italian-style meats after 36 people became sick after eating the meats.

36 People in 17 States Sickened With Salmonella after Consuming Italian-Style Meats

The CDC and the USDA are investigating the exact source of the outbreaks, and are working to determine if the two outbreaks are linked to the same meat sources. Pending the outcome of the investigations, the health agencies warn people to heat all Italian-style meats to about 165 degrees Fahrenheit before eating them. They also advised that such meats can be steamed very hot to kill the germs before they are consumed.

“Italian-style meats include salami, prosciutto, and other meats that can often be found in antipasto or charcuterie assortments,” the CDC cautioned. “Heating food to a high enough temperature helps kill germs like Salmonella.”

According to the federal agency, children below the age of 5 and adults above 65 are most at risk of Salmonella infection. An infected individual begins to show symptoms within 6 hours, and these include cramps, fever, bloody diarrhea, dizziness, and dehydration among others. Out of the 36 people infected by the outbreak, 12 were hospitalized, and no death has been reported.

The CDC said many people recover from Salmonella infection within 4-7 days without any medical treatments. It is however best to seek medical attention if you get very sick after consuming any particular food.

In May, almost 200 people became sick in 43 states in what health agencies believed was a Salmonella outbreak. Most of the sick people were children living close to poultry and people playing with chickens. The CDC then issued a warning against kissing, hugging, or caressing chicken since it could lead to the outbreak of diseases.

“Don’t kiss or snuggle backyard poultry, and don’t eat or drink around them,” the CDC stated. “This can spread Salmonella germs to your mouth and make you sick.”