It’s a fact of the modern business world that there is no longer any need to keep employees all in one place. In a hyper-connected world, it’s often just as easy to collaborate on work projects when your colleagues are scattered around the world as it is when they’re in the same building. That’s why the rise of the home office has been so transformative for both employees and those that hire them.

Having remote workers is an effective way of encouraging company loyalty and has even been shown to increase productivity. Some companies take a hybrid approach by keeping some employees still at the office commuting and some working from home. Those having to commute to work will benefit from carrying on their vehicles an ac/dc tire inflator for when emergencies happen. For those that have transitioned to the home office, there are some security factors that you’re going to need to identify and proactively integrate. If you’re looking for ways to keep your home office safe, here are the key areas to look at.

Business Woman Working in Home Office

Being Cybersafe

Everyone who uses the internet is aware of the need to be cyber-aware. The threat of the hacker is a consistent presence in the news stories of the day, and if you want to minimize the potential for security breaches, then you’re going to need to pay close attention to your online security measures. Home security is always essential, but when your computer network is linked to a business, then any hackers that do break into your computer system will also have possible access to the business accounts or the customer data that your employer holds. Make sure that you invest time in keeping up to date with the latest cyber security trends, and always have a business-level firewall installed.

Minimizing Risk

There are risks in any workplace, and your home office is no different. When it comes to insurance policies for your home office, it becomes increasingly difficult to work out exactly what you need. The lines between home insurance policies and work ones can become very blurred indeed. Talk to your insurance provider, and if needs are you may have to upgrade your basic policy to a more robust small business insurance policy. Having the right small business insurance is particularly important if you provide a freelance service, or run a business straight from your home. Making sure that you are covered for injuries and thefts is a good way to protect your home office from any eventuality.

Real World Security

Just as you wouldn’t leave a factory with the doors wide open and the windows unlocked, so too should you have the same level of security awareness at home. Large office buildings can benefit from expensive security equipment or even hired security guards, but chances are that you won’t be able to commit to the same level of security at home. However, there are basic steps that you can take that will boost your home office security. Extra door locks are essential, but it may even be worth installing CCTV cameras at entrance points to your home as well. The more security measure that you have in place, the more protected your home office will be.

Working from home has never been so common. As more and more people are able to escape the daily commute and start work without leaving the house, it’s natural that you’re going to want to protect your home and work environment as much as possible. Ensure the highest levels of security, and your home office will be just as safe as the office block.